Monday, 22 September 2014

Feng Shui principles in your bedroom: how to choose the right wall painting?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of living space arrangement. In original, it requires loads of calculations and the knowledge of our house mates horoscopes. We've prepared a list of the most essential principles of the philosophy of Feng Shui, which are - surprisingly – still very up-to-date in modern times. Let's find out if your bedroom is mapped with the rules of Feng Shui!

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White room with bamboo XXL wall sticker. A woman sitting on a couch, meditating.
Decorate your lounge or sleeping room according to the rules of Feng Shui - it will not only help you organise your personal belongings, but also let you focus more on the spiritual sphere of life.

Wall paintings in your feng shui bedroom: what not to hang on your walls?

In feng shui, there are more rules describing what one's not supposed to include in their bedroom design, rather than what decorative items are advised. The room you sleep in, first and foremost, shouldn't display things that are generally associated with motion, violence and anxiety:

  • weapons and swords,
  • objects captured in the process of moving,
  • things that are broken,
  • generally disturbing pictures and paintings,
  • photographs of the passed away
  • photos of the deceased.

What's more, feng shui advises not to hang mirrors around the rooms, as they are considered to bare the resemblance of substantial anxiety. Plants and water are thought to be harmful, too. The colouring of walls for bedroom should vary, depending on its location towards cardinal points. Nonetheless, pear in considered much positive, in Chinese tradition related to longevity.

How to Feng Shui your bedroom: wall paintings.

Sleeping room in the place where we usually spend at least 8 hours a day: it's one third of day and night, what in total is estimated to take over 20 years of our lifetime! Therefore, the painting you decide to place in your bedroom should be pleasant for the eye and calm at the same time, in order to stimulate your sleep. We suggest canvas inspired by the art of the Far East, painted in warm colours, such as yellow, red and golden.

Golden painting of the Sun and a Chinese symbol - oriental art.
A quadtych of a Chinese symbol and the Sun in the background. Oriental painting that will surely inspire those interested in the crafts of the Far East.
Bamboo leaves and oriental symbols - a triptych on canvas influenced by the art of Fen Shui, but with a touch of modern inspirations - courtesy of Bimago.

Wall decorations presented in the article can be found here: oriental paintings.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Ideas for Japanese style in your home interior design

Calmness, harmony and positive life balance for mind and body... These terms are usually associated with the Japanese philosophy of Zen – for those of you, who are keen to introduce the basics of Zen-like simplicity into their home interior designs, we've prepared some tips how to arrange a home space according to Buddhist philosophy. The essential rule is sit down and relax after a day of rushing around.

Zen interior design for a living room - green walls, a floor lamp and Buddha wall painting.

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Japanese interior design – origins and principles

Zen is a Buddhist philosophy of minimalist interior designs that was first started around 600 years ago by Buddhist Monks, influenced by their ascetic habits. If you're feeling inspired by their way of living, the following home accessories will help you get closer to what we nowadays call Zen:

  • traditional flooring with mats made of rice straw - Tatami,
  • floor cushions and low furniture in general (Zafu),
  • roll-up mattress (Futon),
  • floral compositions according to Ikebana - old Japanese art of flower arrangement
  • traditional space dividers made of wood, bamboo and paper (Shoji).
Other possible home decorations that have been popularised by Zen are bonsai trees, sand and stones that are usually used in traditional Japanese rock gardens. Most popular colours in use are:
  • warm Earth tones that consist mostly of browns, grays and greens,
  • darker colouring of wood in furniture.
Rocks and sand on a painting. Bedroom in beige.
A painting of rocks and sand - using the contrast between white walls and furnishings made of dark wood.

How to create a room in Japanese style?

It might be quite a challenge to apply all the decorative items inspired by Zen to a modern European interior, thus it's best to use only a few of them, so that the comfort of our flats is kept.

  • Dark-wood flooring and simple furniture – all having the same colouring,
  • Delicate colouring of walls – for instance: white, ivory or light creme,
  • A low bed and low tables, sitting cushions instead of chairs,
  • A space divider instead of a traditional paper wall,
  • Charismatic but toned-down lighting – using floor lamps rather than ceiling lights.
Having your room arranged in a minimalistic, Zen-like manner, you can focus or decorative accessories:
  • Floral compositions, little bonsai trees and decorative rocks will make an obvious reference to Japanese culture and style of interior design. It's only a matter of applying just the right amount of those items, not all of them at once. From our experience, three or four accents will be surely enough.
  • Decorative wall paintings are great elements of decor – the right motif will make a brilliant substitute for a Zen garden.
  • Modern wall stickers with plant motifs referring to the beauty of nature: for instance, bamboo sticks and purple orchids.
Living room wall stickers with bamboo leaves - shop at

To create a minimalist home interior design in conformity with ascetic standards of Zen, it's essential to keep the colour contrast between walls and wooden furnishing. Also make the effort and change your chairs for lower seats and throw-in some charismatic accessories, relating directly to Japanese styling in decorations.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Modern decorations for your living room – fashionable ideas for decorating your home

Your living room can make a huge impression on your guests – the key to success is to get rid of all the unnecessary items of decoration and stick with a few that are well-thought through, matching home accessories. Let us talk you through the latest, cutting-edge trends in home interior designs in 2014. Following these few directions will make you the owner of a living room that will impress even the big fish of home design business.

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Modern style of interior design in your flat

Your motto should be: less is indeed more. Although the expression has its origins back in 20th century, in the fresh trends in design it's still very accurate. Only a handful of well-thought-out home accessories placed around your lounge is always a way more stylish setting for daily living than having your cramped room shelves stuffed with useless bits and bobs that get your attention only when some dusting is needed to be done. You've got loads of small gifts that have no practical use to you, but you just can't bring yourself to chuck them away? If you really want a modern living room, it'd be best to move them somewhere else.

As reported in many surveys, the colour picked for a living-room decor most commonly is white - nearly one tenth of those surveyed had white as their leading living room colour. In those interiors statement accessories can make their appearance as most welcome decorations. Embellishments in bold colours such as violet or red will bring a bit of freshness and add character to your room.

Violet accent in a modern living room: a wall picture of violets
In mainly white themed rooms, you can afford wall paintings or even a piece of furniture in bright, bold colour. Although, remember to make sure they're the same or matching, similar style and pigment. In this case, ivory walls are accompanied with a violet sofa and a painting of flowers - violets.

Modern bedroom decorations: a painting of poppies in white interiors
Modest white and grey bedroom design spiced up with a red-patterned quilt and a painting of red poppies.

Handcraft – can made-by-hand accessories be a modern top-up to your living room?

Most certainly, yes! What's important about fashion it its aim to individualise an differentiate mass products, which are owned by millions, though each of them is original and different. In another words, adding a personal touch to interior design to make it stand out and be only one in kind. Hand-made ethnic home accessories brought from distant travels, acquired at the local vintage market or simply purchased online, will make it work. If you yourself can paint or are keen on embroidery as a hobby, do go ahead and make your own home decorations piece by piece! In that case, skills of your grandma or lovely auntie can come in handy, cannot they?

This year, what would be your interior designer's choice if you hired one, are geometric motifs and flowers on paintings. However, it's not only wall decor where these will look amazing - you can also use them on:

  1. embroidery quilt
  2. window curtains
  3. patchwork pillowcases
  4. hand-painted wall pictures.
Horizontal painting of flowers in brown with blue accents
Home office design in brown matched up with a hand-painted canvas of flowers with blue accents.

A modern lounge should have only a bunch of decorative accessories and using geometrical shapes and floral patterns on handcrafted house equipment and accessories will make a perfect recipe for one stylish set of home decor items. It's down to them to make your living room style look more unique and original.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Colours for a kid's bedroom – how to choose the right colour?

We're all well aware that colours could potentially have a huge impact on people's daily behaviour. As we wish for every good thing for our children, we should consider with thorough care what colour to decorate our kid's bedroom with. The right colouring will stimulate our child's growth and increase their creativity and imagination, which are so important to fully blossom in kids' early years. On the contrary, ill-fitted pigment of decor will prompt a youngster to behave in an overactive way. Make sure, whether your favourite colours will make the best of your toddler's bedroom.

Wall sticker with a chicken in eye-catching golden colour
Warm and bold colours of wall decorations in your kid's room - they will love it! Choose between many colours and sizes of our wall murals and decals.

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Colours most suitable for a boy's bedroom

A newborn baby can visually distinct only white and black. It's not until their second month, when they begin to recognise also other colours – the first is red. Apart from yellow and pink, it's red that's a toddler's favourite colour for about 10 years of their life. Later on, as they grow up, they start to resemble some sort of soft spot for blue as well.

A girl with 2 cats - a painting for a child's bedroom
A beautiful picture for a child's bedroom in a toned-down colour palette

Tiddlers love bright, bold colours, though the older they are, the more toned-down, subtle colours they are likely to pick. Our team's suggestion is a mix of blue, red and orange. Blue and white wall paint will be an excellent setting to make decorative pictures and your child's drawings stand out on the one-coloured background. There's a handful of ideas for a toddler's bedroom decorations:

  1. Furniture with a some details in orange,
  2. cheerful red toys and teddy bears,
  3. pictures for children,
  4. colourful pillows and cushions.

Is pink actually the best choice for a girl's room design?

Yes. Many studies have proven that girls do love pink, especially between ages two and four. Though it's a popular belief pink is girls' colour, it's also loved by young boys.

Pink is warm and usually has a calming effect on kids' behaviour. In our opinion, walls painted ecru combined with furnishing and decorative items in violet, would make an exceptional interior design.

Toddler's pink room design idea - piggy wall sticker
Ecru, pink and violet combined together - idea for a toddler girl's bedroom or a nursery.

For a young boy's bedroom we suggest red accents that are more likely to increase your kid's imagination, and will go well enough with blue walls. According to many studies, your daughter is more likely to love classic pink design with a touch of shades of purple or violet – it's a popular combination that will work in your daughter's room as well.

Rocket theme for a boy's room
White and blue colour theme with orange accents accompanied with a rocket wall theme - a perfect idea for a boy's room design that will make it your kid's kingdom full of fun and adventures

Thursday, 28 August 2014

What painting will suit your dining room best?

A painting is a decoration present in the most elegant interiors. In well-equipped dining room, where you can enjoy a pleasant Sunday roast with your closest family, you can't omit that integral element. Our tutorial aims to help you purchase the right canvas for the interior of your dining room.

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Living-room wall painting: what colour and style to choose?

Studies conducted within the psychology of colour have proven so far that yellow can have the influence of increasing appetite as a result of speeding up human metabolism. Therefore it's best to go for warm colours – yellow, orange and red.

  1. For interior in classical design we recommend canvas of still life - food, vessels, flowers and many other inanimate objects.
  2. Juicy colours in a painting will boost your appetite so that you can fully enjoy your meal

  3. In modern interiors, abstract paintings will fit for the purpose.
  4. Gleaming bright colours in a painting will add character to your dining room palette

  5. Charismatic portraits we shall leave for other spaces, like home-office and the halls – no one likes being stared at blankly when munching their dinner down.

Strictly light colouring of walls, like white, ivory or eggshell come as the most popular choices for the living room and kitchen designs – as much as 8 to 12 percent of people. Then it's best to accompany it with a bright, colourful painting.

Reproductions – most acclaimed art that won't stretch your budget too much

These days, what the art market values the most are works of past artists - their paintings are estimated to make up 78% of the market, leaving 22-percent room for the modern wall pictures. Although most popular works of the greatest painters in history are more common on the art auctions, they usually aren't available for the ordinary – their prices can give your head a spin. World's record of the most expensive painting is currently held by Paul Cezanne's The Card Players – this mid-1890s work was sold in 2012 for a staggering £158,4 mill. If you're keen on having a famous painting hung above your fireplace, but can't afford splashing that amount of cash, you can purchase a reproduction printed on canvas instead. It'll make a pleasant view for the eye and keep you out of spending a fortune as well.

Reproduction of Renoir's Yvonne and Christine Lerolle at the piano will make an outstanding wall decoration in a modern dining-room

The painting you choose will accompany you during meals and add-up some splendour and elegance to your dining room at the same time. Take advantage of yellow and red to make the room feel more welcoming, along with abstract pictures, a painting of still life or classical reproductions.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How to decorate your flat with style?

In 1990, in Italian village Tambre D’Alpago sculptor Livio De Marchi created a quite extraordinary house. Entirely made of wood, its interiors also consisted of some remarkable carved wood-art - from wooden books placed on shelves, wooden bed linen and a wooden coat hanging from a hook to even cutlery and food! We, on the other hand, aim to inspire you to decorate a home that not only will be remarkable in design, but also comfortable and practical for an easy living.

Modern bedroom in orange and white in an abstract picture in large format as a tasteful decoration
A courtesy of Bimago: Thoughtfulness of human - an abstract painting that fits best in modern bedroom

Decorative elements in your home: modern wall paintings

You probably won't attain a good night's sleep in a handcrafted wooden bed. Instead, you can be sound asleep within seconds in your own soft bedding piled up with decorative pillows that come in many shapes and colours:

  1. velvety cushions with oriental ornaments with exquisite gold embroidery
  2. fuzzy and soft, resembling animal fur
  3. definite in shape and rather rough in texture, best to accompany modern design.
No matter which kind of decorative cushions you pick, it's not much effort to have them re-done whenever you change your mind - just change the pillowcases ;)

A hand-painted picture of an abstract motif of flowers.
A cosy room in blue decorated with a painting of tulips could be a teen room as well as make a stylish room for a single.

Wall decorations and paintings

If you've had enough of constantly cleaning dust off your bits and bobs you have lying around on shelves, probably it's time you got rid of those and make an investment in decorative paintings. Usually they're bought ready-to-hang, but they can as well be ordered customised to present photos of your family and friends. Instead of placing many small frames around your home, it's worth to consider making a collage in one frame in large size.

A simply way to decorate your flat in hanging up a painting. According to a study conducted by Dia Art Foundation, 92% of Internet users mainly follow their taste when choosing wall decor items for their space, and simply purchase those that are up to their liking, no matter what style is their flat decorated in. Only 8% of the surveyed admitted to obtaining wall decorations that most definitely match the design in their interiors.

Abstract wall decor vs. realism art - study of Internet users' preferences
Statistical chart

A considerable number of the questioned (as many as 82%) expects arts to exhibit a unique, non-representational depiction of reality, as opposite to photography. Abstract design is what sells!

It doesn't take much labour to decorate your living space, it's more than enough to take notice of those little accessories, which - when put together - make a huge difference. Throw some decorative pillows into the mix (sculptor Livio De Marchi will be green with envy with his all-wood bed mattress). Don't ever let it slide and your house soon will become a beautiful living space.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Home interior design: decorating your hallway

What colour to pick for your hallway?

A colour can be very offputting. In 2002, the Heinz company introduced blue chips in order to take the food business into the 21st century! However, in face of practically no interest in those at all, their launch was followed by their withdrawal from the market after one year. Why would you want to give your kid blue chips anyway? Instead, why don't you go through our set of tips for decorating your home hallway, so that your guests don't get a similar impression...

Most favourite colours - numbers don't lie

According to the latest study in the subject, green, blue and azure blue have been proven most popular choices for interior design among young men. In total, nearly 39% of those surveyed would pick one of these colours as their personal choice for house decor.

Diagram: men's favourite colours for house design

In general, women have shown more conscious interest and exhibited more knowledge of latest trends in interior decor - awarded were azure blue, marantine and blue that were chosen by 28% of those surveyed.

If you're looking for a safe bet, choose blue in any shade you like most. If you want a trendy wall paint, pick amaranth with a touch of violet. Do you consider your hallway of lacking light? That's a common problem – in that case it's best to go for light colours and make sure you've got proper lighting, for example light-line systems will provide strong, vibrant light when supplied with most powerful bulbs. We switch up the hallway light not that often to generate noticeable, substantial extra costs.

Hallway design idea: how to get your light right
Decorating your hallway right - well-lit and delicate, light colours are the key ingredients

How to decorate your hallway with a suitable interior design paintings?

Having chosen your preferred colour for design and painted the hallway walls, what's next is the most exciting part – selecting suitable decorative accessories in matching colouring. You can easily add a splash of variety to your one-colour walls with one of these:

  1. designer wall stickers and murals
  2. a photograph printed on canvas in large format
  3. a hand-painted picture
  4. photo wallpaper as a one-wall accent

A wall decal with a plain lines ornament
Wall mural Lines - an ornament wall sticker that will add-up to style in your narrow hallway

In narrow house halls, it's generally recommended to hang a mirror or install wardrobe mirror panels. You will be impressed how much of a difference it can make - a very limited space will look noticeably more spacious and luminous. Also, it'll come quite useful for getting ready to go out. ;)

If properly lit, your narrow house hallway will make a friendly welcoming when you're back from work, also, it'll be the first thing your guests see. Unlike the blue chips, pleasing to the eye, light blue will do the work.