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Living room with high ceiling - inspirations and arrangement tips

The high ceiling is an extraordinary architectural element that becomes not only a challenge, but also an inspiration to create an elegant and modern, classy interior. Find out how to arrange a large amount of empty space in a living room with a high ceiling.

living room with high ceiling

High ceiling - advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a high ceiling in the living room is the optically enlarged space, which should be fully used. This amount of free space is a great advantage because it creates many arrangement possibilities. Decorating the living room as you wish is a real opportunity to show off. Another advantage of a high ceiling is: More natural light in a modern living room with a high ceiling: large windows will make the room brighter, which is beneficial both for health and the aesthetics of the interior. Another advantage of high windows is the lighting, which will highlight decorative accents or wall colors, giving them character and expressiveness. Greater selection of decorative items: you can choose larger decorative items than in rooms with lower ceilings. A mezzanine will also be perfect here, as it will effectively fill the living room.

Significant disadvantages of a high ceiling above the living room include: problems with heating the room. Maintaining the right temperature can be more difficult when heat escapes upwards. Acoustics in a living room with high ceilings can also prove to be a challenge. There is a risk of an echo in the room. One way to soundproof a living room is to hang acoustic panels on the wall. Cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces: windows several meters high, which often cover the entire wall of the living room, are not easy to clean. The considerable cost of arranging a living room with a high ceiling: a large amount of surface that needs to be painted or selecting appropriate decorations so that the interior does not look austere is quite a challenge.

living room with high ceiling

High ceiling above the living room - ideas for its finishing

A high ceiling above the living room will create a unique space thanks to a number of arrangement possibilities. A living room with such a ceiling allows you to design a functional interior that reflects the owner's vision. Check out some ideas for finishing the high ceiling above the living room:

  • Wall mural
  • Majestic chandeliers
  • Ceiling beams
  • Decorative ladders and stairs
  • Mezzanine
  • Shelves and racks
  • Vertical Garden

High ceiling in the living room - how to visually lower the interior?

To achieve the effect of optically lowering the room, it is recommended to: use the same colors on the ceilings and walls, and preferably choose light and warm shades. Paint the ceiling with a color that is two tones darker than the walls. Use patterns on the walls, for example horizontal striped wallpapers. Ceiling decorations: hanging wall lamps, ceiling coffers or decorative chandeliers will help create the impression of a lower ceiling. Installing beams, e.g. made of wood: they will reflect light, and this will help to create the effect of a lower ceiling. Remember that skillfully selected decorative and color elements can significantly influence the atmosphere and proportions of the interior.

living room with high ceiling

High ceiling with beams

In a living room with a high ceiling, beams are not only a structural element, but also an extraordinary decoration that gives the interior a unique style. This method is very popular among rustic arrangements in high rooms. Decorative wooden beams on the ceiling are panels that they are light and easy to install. The space in the living room with a high ceiling is already impressive in itself. However, installing wooden beams can enhance its expressiveness. A high ceiling with beams gives the opportunity to build a contrast between the severity of the beams and modern accessories. This is a unique balance between tradition and modernity.

living room with high ceiling

Modern living room with high ceiling

Simplicity and minimalism are the features of modern style. The interiors are devoid of unnecessary decorations. Furniture and decorative elements are usually ergonomic, functional and have simple, clean lines, which gives the effect of order and harmony. Modern style furniture has geometric shapes and is usually low. Please remember that due to the high ceiling, furniture and decorations should be larger than in smaller rooms. A palette of neutral colors such as white, gray, black, brown and beige will suit a modern living room with high ceilings. These shades are often used as a background that emphasizes the purity and simplicity of the design. It is worth maintaining a balance between empty space and filling it with decorations and equipment. Wall murals in patterns such as stone, wood, brick or concrete will be perfect here. In a modern living room with a high ceiling, you can use materials such as stainless steel, concrete, plastics, glass or wood. This emphasizes the modernity and futuristic character of the interior. High rooms allow for additional elements to be placed on the ceiling, such as a hammock or an armchair, hanging freely on ropes. A modern style in a living room with a high ceiling is an excellent choice for people who value aesthetics, functionality and elegance.

The high ceiling in the living room is not only a challenge, but also a unique opportunity to create an interior that will reflect your style and taste. In our bimago store, you will find a lot of inspiration that will help you fully use the potential of your living room with high ceiling, creating a space that will delight even the most demanding household members. We encourage you to check out our offers!


Autor: Magdalena Mięgoć

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