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Winter garden at home

The winter garden is a unique room that allows us to stay close to nature, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Find out how to arrange it so that it becomes the perfect place for to spend your whole day in.

winter garden at home

Winter garden arrangement

A winter garden is a dream come true for those who love to relax in a natural environment. In practice, it is a glass structure that resembles a garden greenhouse. This room allows you to admire the garden all year round, and filling it with plants allows you to surround yourself with green. Thanks to appropriate care, the flowers inside bloom and look stunning even in the middle of winter. The winter garden serves as a recreational function - it can become a living room, dining room or just a place for growing tropical plants.

A winter garden is very often called an orangery. However, these buildings are not intended for the same purposes. The winter garden is a recreational space, there is no obligation to grow plants there. An orangery, on the other hand, is a type of garden building - it can be detached or attached to the house - the main purpose of which is to provide appropriate conditions for growing plants. However, these terms can be used interchangeably if the winter garden is created both for recreation and the desire to grow exotic plant species.

Winter garden at the house - what to remember?

If you want to arrange a winter garden next to your home, you should first consider its function. First, attention should be paid to its size, shape and location in relation to the directions of the world. If this room is to become an extension of the living room, it will be necessary to equip it with comfortable lounge furniture, but if you intend to eat family meals in it, you should not forget about the large table. The function of the room is therefore very important, because the whole arrangement will depend on it - the furniture, accessories, and plants.

When planning the arrangement, take into account technical solutions that will allow you to spend time in the room both during extremely hot summer and very cold winter. Here, we are talking primarily about the method of heating the room, as well as its ventilation. The conditions that will prevail in the interior, as well as the arrangement of the winter garden in relation to the sides of the world, will have a key impact on the choice of plant species. It is worth remembering, however, that filling the winter garden with numerous flowers will require regular care. It is essential not only to water, but also to trim, tie, clean from dust, and protect against pests. The lack of regularity in these activities will certainly result in the rapid wilting of plants or the invasion of uninvited guests.

winter garden at home

How to arrange a winter garden?

Arranging a winter garden is fun! Due to the specificity of this room, there are really many ways to arrange it. The biggest advantage is the possibility of using solutions that would never work on an open terrace. Like furniture made of materials that are not resistant to external weather conditions.

Furniture for the winter garden

The winter garden at home is the perfect space to rest and relax after work. It is not without reason that in most of these things you can find bright colours, light furniture and plants that have a positive effect on your well-being. One of the styles that will work best inside is urban jungle, which in absolutely every element emphasizes the close relationship between man and nature. Furniture made of wood or wicker will be the best choice for a conservatory at home. This type of material will naturally fit into a unique space, and will also provide convenience and comfort.

Garden furniture with a pile of soft cushions will also look great in the green space. Pleasant to the touch material, as well as deep seats, will surely provide the household with maximum comfort while relaxing. With a comfortable sofa and armchairs, it is good to place a small coffee table and a small bookcase. This will allow you to create a cosy corner for autumn and winter evenings. In this type of space, a hammock or an extremely popular cocoon-shaped hanging chair will also be perfect.

Choose a poster for your winter garden

Accessories for the winter garden

The space confined in glass should be equipped not only with comfortable furniture, but also with accessories that match the arrangement. The boho style loves baskets made of seagrass or wicker, macramé made of natural string, as well as minimalist posters in subdued colours. Due to the fact that you can hardly hang them on the wall, it is best to lean them against it, creating a unique gallery. Tall glass vases with candles inside, as well as decorative ones screens to create an intimate atmosphere.

It is also worth remembering about roller shutters, which will not only be a decorative element of the interior, but also allow you to regulate the access of sunlight inside. Sharp sunlight falling directly on the glass can burn plants and lead to a high temperature inside.

winter garden at home

Plants for the winter garden

Plants are the essential part of the winter garden arrangement. If you do not feel skilled enough to create an orangery inside, limit their number and choose species that do not require too much attention. They include:

  • Zamioculcas - called an iron plant; perfect for beginners; it has dark green and shiny leaves that are resistant to light and water deficiencies,
  • Sansevieria - a plant that adapts to all conditions; copes perfectly with the scarcity of water, light, as well as dry air; there are many varieties available on the market,
  • Crassula - succulents that can withstand even very long-lasting droughts; they look like miniature trees. Real enthusiasts of plants can create an urban jungle in their interior. Before buying them, however, you should carefully understand the requirements of each of them and confront them with the conditions prevailing in the winter garden. First, the side of the world should be taken into account, and thus - insolation.

The most popular plants found in conservatories are:

  • Palms - have quite different requirements due to the multitude of species, the most popular are: areka palm, royal palm, coconut palm and coral palm,
  • Citrus trees - bring a breath of real tropical air into the winter garden; are plants that require a lot of daylight, so they should be a must-have choice for any orangery enthusiast,
  • Banana tree - is a unique tropical plant with unique leaves - soft and quite thin; loves the sun and high air humidity; in autumn and winter, it may need additional lighting,
  • Strelitzia - it charms not only with its beautiful leaves, but most of all with its unique flowers, which resemble birds of paradise; requires a warm and bright position with access to a large amount of sunlight; likes the constant moisture of the substrate. Monsters, ivy and hanging plants, which hung on macramé flowerbeds, will create an amazing mood.

Choose a room diveder for your winter garden

Winter garden on a terrace in a block of flats

A winter garden is a space that can also be created in flats. To do this, it will be necessary to cover the terrace or balcony with special glass walls. This will allow you to spend time inside, even on colder days. These walls should be equipped with curtains, roller blinds or shutters that will ensure intimacy and protect the interior of the winter garden from the eyes of the neighbours. Such elements may also be necessary in the case of high temperatures and glaring sun.

Due to the limited space, it is good to limit the arrangement to the elements that are absolutely necessary. The key is to create a room that is both cosy and functional. Folding furniture and various types of suspended armchairs will be perfect for the balcony or terrace. An interesting solution is to enclose part of the space with euro pallets and cover them with soft cushions. There are also blankets, romantic lights in the form of candles, solar lamps or popular cotton balls, as well as green plants.

winter garden at home
winter garden at home

The winter garden is a space that is a perfect springboard from everyday life. Perfect for a rest, afternoon coffee or meeting with friends. Properly arranged, it has a chance to become a real oasis of peace and a place to recharge energy for the next days. It is an ideal place for plant lovers and people who enjoy the best relaxation surrounded by nature.

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