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Wallpaper on the wall behind the TV

The TV on the wall in the living room is currently very popular way of organising the interior. It is an aesthetic and practical idea at the same time - TV can then be placed anywhere and at the optimal height. If you want to add style to your room and bring out the full potential of the space, it is also worth making sure that the wall with the TV is arranged in an interesting way. To do this, you do not have to undertake any renovation, which usually generates costs and it's time-consuming. Choose a simple and effective solution! The perfect way is a properly selected, original wall wallpaper, allowing a quick metamorphosis of the interior.

Wallpaper on the wall behind the TV

Choosing a wallpaper for a wall with a TV: general tips

The choice of theme and color should be well thought out. Mainly, your preferences are decisive here, but it is generally better to choose more subdued patterns and colors that will not distract you while watching TV. Multicolored, highly patterned wallpapers can even adversely affect your eyesight, causing your eyes to tire. If you want to arrange a very large wall by introducing powerful colors, it is best to decorate the edges of the wall with an appropriate distance from the screen. This solution will also allow you to optically reduce the space and create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior.

Make sure that the wallpaper for a TV wall, although it should stand out in the interior, must at the same time match a given room, both color wise and style wise. However, you do not have to worry too much about this last issue, because it is easy to find universal patterns that fit both vintage or retro interiors, as well as provence or industrial rooms. There are many idea when it comes to choosing a theme.

Wallpaper on the wall behind the TV

Wallpaper on the wall behind the TV

When choosing a pattern, consider the nature of the interior. Also think about what aesthetic and psychological effect you want to achieve with the decoration. A safe and universal solution is certainly geometric wallpapers, which will give the interior an intuitive depth. The modern nature of this type of decoration means that they are very often used in modern interiors based on minimalism. They allow you to create a tasteful and elegant decoration, and at the same time will prove to be a way to change the visual perception of the interior. Striped wallpapers are reliable here. Vertical stripes will make your living room or guest room seem taller, while horizontal stripes will allow you to visually enlarge the space. Wallpaper with a subtle floral motif will also be a good idea for decoration.
As a wallpaper for a wall with a TV set, an imitation of concrete or brick is perfect. The imitation of natural materials looks nice, and at the same time such a solution is much cheaper than using real brick or concrete. Brick wallpaper will not work only in an extravagant loft or a retro apartment. You can also successfully use it as a decoration for a cozy home interior. If you want to insulate the room and display the lounge and TV area in your living room or guest room in an original way, choose a wallpaper with a red brick motif. This solution should appeal to people who appreciate the combination of a bit of austere elegance and timeless classics in interior design. Wallpapers with a concrete theme is an interesting proposition for lovers and lovers industrial arrangements that are currently fashionable. Such an arrangement of the wall will look great especially in a larger, open space. Regardless of the chosen solution, imitations of natural materials, usually in subdued colors, will certainly allow you to create an arrangement that goes beyond the schemes.

3d wallpaper for the wall with TV

A 3d wallpaper will also work on the wall behind the TV. It will make the interior unique and optically enlarged. You can choose geometric motifs, imitations of raw materials or abstractions. Abstractions and geometric compositions will perfectly match the atmosphere of a modern, minimalist interior. In rooms decorated in an English or retro style, a 3d wallpaper for the wall with a TV set, depicting a subtle floral motif, will work well.

The wall behind the TV is a space that requires appropriate decoration. A good way to enhance it is with wallpaper. Adapted to a given room, and at the same time different from the rest of the decor, wallpaper on the wall with a TV will bring out the qualities of your living room or guest room and create a pleasant atmosphere.

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