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Would you like to change your attic? Are you wondering how to quickly and easily refresh the interior with slants? Find out why you should use a wall mural and what are the things you should consider when choosing it.

Wallpapers on slants and their characteristics

Wallpapers and wall murals are back in the game! Formerly associated with stuffy decadence, they are currently experiencing their renaissance. Wall murals are one of the most frequently chosen design elements not only in apartments, but also in offices and offices. They are perfect both in traditional rooms and in more problematic ones, e.g. in the attic. Wallpaper in a room with slants can radically change the interior and give it an individual character. Especially that the vast variety of this type of decorations is staggering. You will find floral motifs, landscapes, portraits or inscriptions on the market.

wallpaper on slants
wall mural amazon

Foggy Amazon

Wall Murals no.: 129390

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3D wallpapers on slants will visually enlarge the space

3D wallpapers on slants are a simple and effective way to enlarge the interior. A large frame creates an impression of depth, making the attic seem more spacious. Many people consider the slants to be problematic. They couldn't be more wrong! They create a lot of interesting arrangement options in the room. On the surface of the sloping wall, wallpapers with landscapes, which combine both static and open compositions, will be perfect. The slants may also feature wallpapers with spatial geometric elements, which will effectively disturb the perspective and hide the actual end of the room. 3D wallpapers are perfect for both small and slightly larger attics.

Distinguishing slants as architectural elements

The use of slanted wallpaper will allow it to be emphasized and distinguished against the background of the entire room. The right choice of a wall mural with slants will allow you to add a colourful accent, especially to subdued rooms. Slants will then become the most representative element of the interior, which will further emphasize the specific character of the attic.

wallpaper on slants
wallpaper leaves

Foliage Ornament

Wallpaper no.: 134423

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Quick and effective interior finishing

There is no faster way to refresh your interior than the wallpaper. The advantage of this solution is the ability to perfectly match the photo wallpaper to individual needs, as well as the possibility of self-assembly. When choosing a wallpaper, you do not need any additional elements and decorations. Interesting patterns and imitations of various types of textures will effectively decorate your attic and allow you to create a unique visual effect in just a few moments! With the help of wallpaper you can give the whole room a specific style.

  • Scandinavian style - the dominant colours are all shades of nature. Therefore, minimalist wallpapers that refer to natural materials, such as white stone, are perfect. Scandinavian-style murals are also mountains and modest geometric patterns.
  • Urban jungle style - it is primarily expressive arrangements, saturated colours and twisting plants everywhere. Wallpaper imitating a wild jungle will be perfect for this type of interiors.
  • Industrial style - abounds in raw materials such as concrete, stone and metal. To emphasize its unique character, it is worth using a brick-imitating wall mural on the slants.

wallpaper on slants
wall mural 3d

White Illusion

Wall Murals no.: 90509

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Wallpaper On A Slant As A Room Splitting Feature

If your attic is an open space, the use of wallpaper on slants will allow you to split the interior into functional zones. It is an ideal option both for studio flats and, for example, studio flats located in the attics, which lack characteristic architectural features. Placing a wall mural on slants will help create the focal point of the interior.

A Wall Mural For Slant Bedroom Creates A Cozy Interior

Placing a wallpaper on a slant in the bedroom is a great idea for creating a cosy and relax friendly interior. Minimalistic and pastel wallpapers from the bimago collection, such as A delicate touch of nature or Pastel flora are suggestions for people who feel comfortable in bright and spacious interiors and do not like the feeling of being overwhelmed. A wall mural ideally suited to the overall arrangement of the interior will bring an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy to the bedroom.

Wallpapers on slants can perform both decorative and practical functions. They are a great way to create a unique space that is ideally suited to the individual preferences of the household. Its easy installation allows for quick and effective refreshment of any interior

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