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A portal to another world: how to set up a real gaming room?

Do you dream of a true gaming room straight out of a fantasy world? Want to create a creative space that will transport you to the realm of orcs, elves, and other magical creatures? You've come to the right place! From this article, you'll learn what to remember when setting up a gamer's room and which decorations will work perfectly in your interior. We'll also offer tips on dealing with limited space and decorating a small gaming room. Challenge accepted? Welcome to the read!

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What Makes a real gaming room?

Hearing "gaming room," the first thing that comes to mind is primarily a well-equipped desk, a powerful monitor, and a comfortable gaming chair. In our imagination, a dark room often appears, to which neon colours - red, green, or blue - add atmosphere. However, it's important to remember that a gamer's room is not just a space for playing. A real gaming room is, above all, a place that meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable. It's also a space where you can express your passion for games. To achieve this, it's good to take care not only of functional and comfortable furniture but also of the decor and gaming accessories.

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The Gaming room - what's essential?

The ideal gamer's room is all about comfort and convenience. When setting up your gaming corner, choosing the right chair is incredibly important, allowing you to spend long hours in front of the screen without risking back pain. A gaming chair, designed to support your back and neck, with numerous adjustable features to help maintain the correct posture, is perfect for this. The desk is equally important - a wide top, height adjustability, and cable management options are good choices. It's also worth considering LED lighting and optimal room darkening - blackout blinds and thick curtains can help with this.

What style tochoose for a gaming room?

Online, we can find many inspirations and ideas for designing a gaming interior. From these, three most popular styles can easily be distinguished - museum-like, retro, and futuristic minimalism. The first one is perfect for avid collectors and gadget enthusiasts, whose shelves are bending under the weight of comics and figures of favourite characters. In a museum-like gamer's room, colours, details, and personalised accessories reign supreme. A room styled in retro is characterised by a love for the 80s and 90s. It features iconic equipment and old game consoles, and the gaming room is filled with bright shades of red, green, and blue.

On the other hand, fans of dark and functional spaces will opt for futuristic minimalism. In this case, numerous illuminated surfaces and bold colour accents that lighten up the black walls will work perfectly. In such a designed gaming room, the atmosphere will be enhanced by, among others, gaming posters oraz anime wall murals.

A small gaming room: how to deal with limited space?

Having a large area, creating the perfect gaming room is straightforward. However, difficulty arises when our space is limited. A small gaming room is a challenge - fortunately, there are ways to create your dream interior within a compact space. One of them is to opt for a desk with a large number of drawers and additional shelves, where you can hide everything you need. Tall bookcases and hanging shelves are also good solutions in a gamer's room - you can easily fit your extensive collection on them. It's also worth investing in minimalist, neutral, and black-and-white accessories, such as gaming posters. A small gaming room can also be decorated with thematic wallpaper, which not only adds atmosphere but also visually enlarges the space.

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Gaming posters and decorations - inspirations

When arranging a gaming room, it is worth remembering not only about comfort and functionality, but also about the decor - gaming accessories and decorations will add a unique atmosphere to your space. An interesting solution may be an anime photo wallpaper - for example “Lonely Samurai”. The Great victory" model will surely win the hearts of all console lovers , as well as the canvas prints"Symbols of fun" or "Ready!". The gamer's room can also be decorated with gaming posters and these patterns will look great in the interior of all science fiction fans - here you can choose from Magical Valley and posters with a space theme.

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Creating a true gaming room involves considering not only the functionality of our space but also its atmosphere. Thematic wallpapers can add charm to our interior, as well as accessories in the form of paintings and posters. When arranging a small gaming room, it's wise to look for solutions that allow us to accommodate our extensive collections in limited space. Thanks to the products and inspirations available on, you'll surely create an out-of-this-world gaming room!

Wallpapers for gaming room:

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