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Plant motif - an easy way to add greenery to your interior

Spending time amidst nature can have a positive impact on our wellbeing and health. But what if obligations prevent us from such relaxation? If you can't go to nature, let nature come to you! Discover how you can easily incorporate a plant motif into your home and enjoy the beneficial influence of greenery without stepping outside.

Botanical style - how to introduce greenery into the interior?

The botanical style is based on the incorporation of plant motifs into the interior. The fundamental element of this style is green potted plants. It is related to the urban jungle trend, which envisages the use of a large variety of plants in urban spaces, including homes. The botanical style is primarily about natural materials, potted flowers, and decorations with plant patterns. Interiors in the urban jungle style are therefore characterized by greenery - present in the form of wall colours botanical motif wallpaper or accessories, such as various textiles.

plant motifs in the interior

Botanical style wall arrangement - how to use the plant motif?

Incorporating the plant motif into your space can be easily achieved in every room. Depending on your preferences, it can either be a subtle addition to interiors in a different style or become the key element of your decor. What should you remember when introducing a botanical style to your interior?

    • Green colour
    • - One of the most popular colours of this style is

bottle green

      , which blends perfectly with both wooden and golden accessories. However, it's also worth considering lighter, pastel shades such as mint or

sage green

    • Potted plants - Green interiors are ideally complemented by live potted plants. You could opt for low-maintenance cacti and succulents or try your hand at impressive, tropical plants like monstera deliciosa, areca palm, or royal strelitzia.
    • Leaf wallpaper
    • - If you don’t have a green thumb, all is not lost! An excellent alternative would be

wallpaper with a plant motif

    . A leaf wallpaper will perfectly complement an urban jungle-style interior.

Bathroom with a plant motif - botanical decorations for the bathroom

Struggling to decide on bathroom decorations? Choosing decor elements for this space can be challenging due to the high humidity. Bathrooms usually have a small footprint, which encourages the selection of functional over decorative solutions. However, creating a botanical-style bathroom is easier than you think! A plant motif wallpaper can successfully replace live plants, adding an exotic character to your bathroom. You can also opt for a combination of posters to create a wall gallery. By adding a poster with plants, you can easily introduce a plant motif to your interior.

Floral interior - flower wallpapers or flower paintings?

The botanical style doesn't have to mean only green plant motifs. Accessories with flowers can also be an interesting way to decorate an interior. Especially popular are flower paintings, which perfectly complement neutral and bright interiors, subtly adding a bit of colour. For spaces in vintage or retro style, opt for reproductions of famous painters, such as the renowned "Sunflowers" by Vincent Van Gogh. Meanwhile, modern flower wallpapers are the ideal complement to minimalist interiors. To avoid an overwhelming effect, choose one wall on which to place the wallpaper. An impressive solution will also be a 3D flower mural, which will dazzle your guests and transport you straight to the heart of nature!

plant motifs in the interior

Cushions and other accessories - floral decorations

Textiles are the perfect complement to a botanical style arrangement. After all, an urban jungle interior cannot be without botanical decorations such as figurines, leaf curtains, and plant-motif cushions. Classic accessories, like cushions in bottle green and monstera leaf curtains, enjoy the greatest popularity. They blend beautifully with golden accents and wooden furniture, introducing a tropical mood into the interior. However, if you prefer unique decorations, try bolder patterns. Adding curtains with leaves in vivid colours will give your space an original character while still echoing the urban jungle style.

Introducing a tropical character to your interior doesn't have to involve caring for demanding plants. Simply choose stylish accessories with a botanical motif to arrange a modern interior in an urban jungle style. Visit and discover unique decorations in botanical style and more!

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