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Creating a Wellness Interior - How to Turn Your Home into a Relaxation Zone?

Your home is a place where you can unwind after a long day and escape from worries. It’s crucial, therefore, to ensure that this space is tailored to our needs. Following the concept of wellness design, when choosing interior decor elements, it’s important to consider not just the aesthetic aspect but also how the selected decorations will affect how we feel and function. This might sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be! Learn easy ways to transform your home into your personal relaxation zone.

wellness interior

Wellness Zone at Home - What Principles to Follow?

To introduce a relaxing atmosphere into your home, just remember a few key elements. These will make the space gain a cosy character, making staying there a pleasure.

  • The used colours should be subdued. Neutral shades such as white, beige, and cream work best.
  • Wooden furniture, reflecting a connection with nature, will be an ideal complement to the neutral colour palette.
  • Proper room lighting is also essential. Lamps with a warm glow add coziness to the interior.
  • The interior decor should be complemented with elements of soft shapes. Great solutions include decorative pillows and light curtains in neutral colours, giving the space a relaxing character.
wellness interior

Home Spa - How to choose bathroom decorations?

Implementing the wellness idea at home finds special application in enhancing the bathroom with elements mimicking a spa decor. Achieving this effect doesn't necessarily require professional equipment - just choose the right bathroom decorations! A spa-style bathroom is characterized mainly by subdued colouration. It's key to avoid any clashing colours that cause unrest. Instead, look for colour combinations that complement each other. Light wall colours create a relaxing atmosphere and increase a sense of peace.

However, it's also important that the space looks interesting. An easy way to add character to the bathroom while maintaining neutral colours could be a waterproof wall mural in beige or cream.

Living rooms with a relaxation zone - beige colour in the living room

The living room, a vital space for our well-being, is where we spend time with loved ones, relax with a book, or watch television. It’s important, therefore, to also introduce a cosy atmosphere into this room. This can be enabled by the beige colour of the walls in the living room. Light walls allow for complementing the space with favourite accessories, without creating an overwhelming effect.

Beige furniture in the living room can perfectly match with light walls. However, using different shades of beige is necessary to achieve a stylish, monochromatic effect. If a completely beige interior is not your style, no problem! Modern abstract paintings in light colours can also be a perfect addition to the living room.

wellness interior

Cozy bedroom - beige bedroom

The bedroom is a space where relaxation plays a key role, allowing for a proper amount of sleep. This room should therefore be equipped with comfortable furniture and cosy decor elements. Light wall colours in the room will ensure tranquillity and introduce a bit of peace into the interior. To give the bedroom expression, however, choosing one wall to use a different, accent colour is a good idea. A perfect solution could be using a minimalist pattern wallpaper on it.

In this way, a beige wall in the bedroom will gain a unique character. Complementing the room with green potted plants will add life to the bedroom and have a positive effect on the body, purifying the air and ensuring high-quality sleep.

wellness interior

Cozy Interior - What accessories to choose?

The slow life idea encourages us to give up the fast pace of life, focus on our needs, and enjoy the small pleasures around us. The slow life philosophy also includes making time for rest and spending time with loved ones. To create ideal conditions for this at home, accessories that help create a cosy interior will be useful. Regardless of the room's style, thanks to a few additions, it can gain a completely new, relaxing character. Textiles, such as beige pillows and plush curtains in light colours, will be the perfect complement to any room. Additionally, decorating the room with candles of various sizes will give it an incredibly cosy and inviting atmosphere!

Changing the character of a room doesn’t require a major renovation, just a few thoughtful additions! If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, visit bimago. There, you'll find unique wallpaper and mural designs, as well as original canvas paintings and textiles, making your home cosier than ever before!

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