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Art deco bedroom - a combination of classic and modern

Do you want to create an atmospheric and cosy bedroom? Do you like artistic and original interior arrangements? Find out how to decorate an art deco bedroom and neatly combine classic and modern.

art deco bedroom

Art deco style and its characteristics

Art deco is a style associated with elegance and chic. Its roots can be found mainly in the 1930s. Art deco interiors are arranged to the smallest detail. No, even the smallest element of space appears to be there by accident. Art deco loves geometric patterns and art forms. It is filled with high-quality, durable materials, and each element of the arrangement serves both decorative and practical functions.

It should be mentioned that although Art deco interiors have little to do with minimalism, they are also far from being full of shabby chic trinkets. The rooms are balanced, full of elegance, class and refined chic. You can find in them unique patterns, expressive colours and contrasts.

Art deco bedroom - for whom?

This is an ideal option for perfectionists, sensitive to the beauty of art. Confident, brave, determined people who value high quality and unique solutions will feel good in it. Art deco works best in living rooms and bedrooms, giving them a luxurious character.

art deco bedroom

Art deco bedroom and its colors

Art deco has been present for years, not only in interiors, but also in fashion and architecture. Perfect symmetry, geometrics, as well as exclusive materials have their supporters in almost every corner of the world. Art deco bedrooms are most often chosen by people that value perfection and are not afraid of bold solutions.

The art deco style does not have one colour scheme. The interior can be kept in both light and dark colours.

  • 1. Bright art deco bedroom Bright, subdued colours are perfect for small rooms. They will optically enlarge them and make them appear brighter. When decorating a bedroom in one bright colour, it is worth enriching it with elements of copper or old gold. The perfect way to break the monochrome of the interior is the use of decorations such as bedroom paintings in an art deco style.
  • 2. Dark art deco bedroom Dark and highly saturated colours will also work well in an art deco bedroom. Most popular strong colours like bottle green and navy blue, brown, turquoise or burgundy are perfect for this style. Dark colors will give the space a solid and somewhat mysterious character. They will make the bedroom interior bold, expressive and extremely luxurious.
  • 3. Contrast in an art deco bedroom Art deco interiors love combinations of colours based on contrast. One of the most popular is the combination of white and black. This colour scheme, enriched with silver or gold accessories, will make the bedroom timeless and universal.

Geometric patterns in an art deco bedroom

An art deco bedroom cannot lack symmetry and harmony. This can be achieved by using geometric patterns in the interiors. We are talking here both about the form of furniture and decorations. The easiest and most effective way to introduce geometric patterns into the interior is to use bedroom wallpapers. An extremely wide selection of this type of decorations will allow for a perfect match of the theme to the entire arrangement. The rooms decorated in the colour of bottle-green will ideally fit.

Choose your art deco poster

Art deco bedroom furniture

The art deco bedroom loves fancy, geometric shapes. When choosing furniture for rooms in this style, it is best to choose pieces that combine classic and modern design ideas. Bed, the most important part of the room, should be, high, large and upholstered. The spirit of Art deco will be visible in the bedroom with bed headboard additionally decorated with fancy stitching, shaped in vertical lines, diamonds or rectangles.

Refinement and elegance should go hand in hand with functionality. The bed must first be comfortable. In a small bedroom, tall furniture with space for bedding is perfect, as it can provide additional storage space for items not used on a daily basis.

Velour armchairs, which will look great in a bedroom space, also fit into the art deco atmosphere. It is best to choose those with a rounded form, the so-called shells. They can be used both as an additional place to rest, e.g. with a good book, and as an element of the dressing table.

art deco bedroom

Art deco bedroom lighting

Comfortable atmosphere prevailing in the Art deco bedroom is also due to the appropriate lighting. Interiors decorated in this style love chandeliers and wall lamps, which combine modern geometric simplicity with simple elegance.

Lamps made of chromed metal, natural wood and glass, shades in silver and gold with crystal elements will surely add some typically Art deco charm.

art deco bedroom

Art deco accessories for the bedroom

When arranging art deco bedrooms, you cannot forget about decorations that will boost the character of the interior, making it both smart and cosy.

  • Textiles - this is the most important element of the arrangement. Art deco loves high-quality fabrics that seem heavy and luxurious. Choose a velour bed with a decorated bedspread. Complete the whole with numerous pillows in matching decorative pillowcases and heavy curtains. The art deco bedroom must also have a carpet. The best and safest option will be to use uniform colour decorations.
  • Mirrors - an obligatory element of every bedroom decorated in the art deco style. They give the interior elegance, as well as optically brighten and enlarge the room. The mirror should have an original shape or have an extremely decorative silver or golden frame.
  • Glass vessels - slender vases, candlesticks or decorative jewellery boxes are trinkets that can work wonders. Interiors decorated in the style are a reminiscence of the 1920s and 1930s. Even the smallest parts of the arrangement are important in the final effect. To create the right mood in the bedroom, it is also worth taking care of candles in decorative glass packages.
  • Pictures for the bedroom - antique motifs and deep colours are the name of the game here. Art Nouveau works would be one of the best ideas. For example, Gustav Klimt's .

Choose your art deco painting

Art deco in the bedroom is a proposal for people who love elegance and harmony in the interior. This space perfectly combines sophistication with modern and functional solutions. High-quality materials, exclusive fabrics and original accessories will allow you to create a stylish and original interior, perfect for relaxation in vogue.

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