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Provencal bedroom - what characterizes it?

Are you fond of natural and traditional spaces? Do you want to introduce a note of romance and peace to your interior? Discover the characteristics of the Provencal style and decorate your bedroom with inspiration from southern France.

Provencal bedroom

Provence in the bedroom

The Provencal style is a direct reference to a landscape of southern France. Lavender fields, green hills, as well as local architecture and interiors are the essence of Provence. The interiors decorated in Provencal style are full of romantic, delicate and extremely charming accents that give the space an idyllic atmosphere.
Provencal style works well in almost every room. It looks great especially in a bedroom which by its nature is a perfect place to create a romantic atmosphere. In spaces reminiscent of Provencal interiors, people who appreciate contact with nature will certainly fall in love with the idyllic atmosphere of the countryside and natural materials, such as wood. It is a choice of romantics for whom home is not just a living space, but a safe heaven that evokes memories and good feelings.
If you want to learn how to transfer the atmosphere of Provence to your living room or kitchen, be sure to read our article: How to arrange a Provencal-style living room?

Provencal bedroom

Provencal bedroom and its colors

A Provencal-style bedroom is to resemble a French painting. Most of all, it is dominated by bright colours that make the interior cheerful and spacious. Provencal bedroom is a space where you can find:

  • classic white,
  • ight beige,
  • sandy yellow,
  • olive green,
  • lavender purple.

should be subdued, romantic and pastel. White or beige walls will optically enlarge and brighten the interior, and green or purple accessories will give it a unique Provencal character. A warm and cosy bedroom is a perfect place for rest, relaxation and regeneration after a hard day.
In a Provencal-style bedroom, there is also wood, most often bleached or painted in pastel colours.

Provencal style bedroom furniture

The above-mentioned wood is worth introducing into your home space with the help of furniture. Retro furniture will be the best, as it will give the room a bit of an old-fashioned atmosphere. A characteristic feature of vintage-style furniture is any abrasions that intentionally age it. It is therefore a good idea to start an intensive search for unique gems at flea markets or on various types of websites offering old items.

Provencal bedroom

A bed in a Provencal bedroom

One of the most important elements of any bedroom is the bed. For a bedroom decorated in a Provencal style, it is best to choose one that is characterized by an almost ascetic form. If you want it to serve you for many years, choose one made of high-quality wood. An interesting solution is also the choice of a bed with a headboard. However, it is worth remembering that it should be as little decorative as possible. This will avoid the effect of being overwhelmed and overloaded. It is also worth matching the bed with vintage-style bedside tables, as well as a practical chest of drawers or a wardrobe. It is important that all furniture is kept in a slightly old style or have plant motifs on its surface.

Accessories in a Provencal bedroom

Extras are vitally important elements in a Provencal bedroom. They make the space seem raw and cool. Therefore, it is worth taking care of appropriate fabrics, as well as wall decorations.

  1. Fabrics
    Materials are one of the most important elements of a Provencal interior. They should be delicate, airy and natural to emphasize the romantic character as much as possible. Therefore, cotton, linen and linen will be perfect. In the bedroom, there are also delicate and smooth curtains on the windows, bedspreads with a plant motif and numerous pillows in pastel pillowcases. A feminine and romantic space can be additionally emphasized by installing an airy canopy above the bed.
  2. Pictures and posters
    Light walls are a perfect background not only for furniture, but also for paintings and posters in pastel colours and referring to nature. Posters with flowers, herbs or else minimalist sketches are a bull's eye. A decorative screen will also look good in a spacious bedroom. Lavender in the rain, which not only allows you to feel the Provencal climate, but also allows you to separate zones inside. Thanks to it, you can separate the sleeping area from the part intended for work at home.
  3. Plants
    Potted plants cannot be missing in Provencal space. Lavender is the most obvious choice, but growing it at home can be difficult, and often even impossible. A much better idea is to use dried lavender flowers and place them in a stylish vase, e.g. on a chest of drawers. If you have a large and bright bedroom, you may be tempted to put an olive tree inside. It requires a well-sunny location and well-drained soil. It looks beautiful in natural pots or wicker casings.
Provencal bedroom

Provencal-style bedroom in the attic

The attic is exceptionally good for creating a Provencal-style bedroom. This is due to wooden slants and large roof windows. It is very important that the attic is kept in bright colours. If you have a wooden ceiling, paint it white. The walls can be additionally decorated with wallpaper, which will make the interior cozy and comfortable. Wall murals with floral motifs are perfect. Provencal atmosphere will be emphasized by e.g. Waterfall of Roses, which can be placed on the wall behind the bed or on a sloping wall.
In the Provencal attic bedroom, there should be also pastel vintage furniture and accessories that are typical for this style. If you have a large space, you can also opt for a light-coloured rocking chair, which will allow you to rest comfortably.

Southern French style in a small bedroom in a block of flats

The atmosphere of Provence can be easily and quickly transferred to a small bedroom in a flat. When starting to arrange a small room, first of all, you should optically enlarge the space. In addition to light shades on the walls, 3D wallpaper comes to the rescue, distorting the perspective and making the interior seem larger. The effect of the enlarged space can also be achieved by mounting a large mirror on the wall.
Much attention should be paid to additions. A small Provencal bedroom in a flat should not be overloaded with decorations. Therefore, it is better to give up a canopy and a large number of pillows, and focus on curtains, bedside lamps with lampshades and a delicate bedspread. It is also worth taking care of pastel bedding.

Provencal style is an ideal proposition for people that are romantic inside. Bright colours, natural materials and charming accessories will change your interior and make it not only practical, but above all comfortable and cozy.

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