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How to choose wallpaper for a small bedroom?

Cramped rooms can seem claustrophobic or, in extreme cases, uninhabitable. Sometimes we have nothing to say about the size of our bedroom. However, good news is that a small styling and creative organization will make such a space resemble a palace. Okay, maybe not a palace as such, but it can become our oasis to hide in at the end of a long day, and it will be stylish enough to show off. Where to start? From the wallpaper.

How to enlarge a small bedroom?

wallpaper for a small bedroom

Love wallpapers but don't know how to make it work in a small space? We have several ways to make the most of the available space.

  • Create a sense of space
    Create a natural character and cozy atmosphere of a bedroom tucked away in the attic with a nice rustic-style wallpaper; if you have a low ceiling, choose a small floral motif or small leaf sprigs. Maximize the illusion of space by attaching one smooth painted face that leads to its top; this makes the eye to be drawn to the highest point. White or pale pastel will add some freshness. In this room, avoid large patterns and bold dark colors.
  • Smoothen your walls
    If your interior is in an older building with uneven walls, lay wallpaper up to the ceiling and around the door frames; this effect will add height and mask any imperfections, unifying the room and giving the effect of smoothing the wall. Choose loose, pretty floral or simple repeating patterns rather than heavy stripes or geometries that are more eye-catching than creating a beautiful, discreet backdrop.
  • Buy a wardrobe with sliding doors
    Do you have little room to move around in your bedroom, but lots of clothes that need ? Try a wardrobe with sliding doors. This piece of furniture has a full-height rail on one side, as well as several drawers and a place with removable shelves.
  • Choose a theme for your small space
    Make a small bedroom look larger by choosing dominant white and seasoning it with a specific decorative motif. Combine a neutral floor with snow-white walls, delicate flowers and minimal accessories to create an elegant bedroom that enlivens the atmosphere. This pattern is a class on its own and the perfect backdrop to use complementary colors. The furniture should remain bright and light, rather than dark and solid, you can choose a metal bed and a bedside table in the style of a café.
wallpaper for a small bedroom

Wall mural for a small bedroom

Now let's take a look at wallpapers that will perfectly match your small bedroom.

  • Stripes
    You may have come across this suggestion. Stripes are one of the best wallpaper designs for small spaces because they have the power to visually transform a room. Striped wallpaper can create the illusion of height or width depending on their orientation. The vertical stripes make the ceilings appear higher, thereby increasing the height of the room. While the horizontal stripes make the room appear wider, adding depth. Either way, the stripes make a room appear much larger than it really is, which is the ultimate goal for small spaces.
  • Picturesque wallpapers
    This is probably the best wall covering in small spaces. A picturesque wall mural for a small bedroom is a really great way to visually enlarge a space. The magic is to stretch your eye outward, adding depth and distance. Creating depth in a small room easily translates into the illusion of more space.
  • Dense and large repeatable pattern
    This may be the most difficult solution to use, i.e. a repeating geometric shape. If you prefer strong patterns, be sure to use them sparingly as some may seem too busy and overwhelming in small spaces. On the other hand, a smaller repeating pattern can sometimes look chaotic, while larger patterns have the effect of stretching up and out, making the room appear larger. The distance between the elements of the pattern is also the important factor to consider.

Additional solutions for the curious

  • Take your ceiling to the next level.
    Birds themed wallpaper brings can change your bedroom. It does not constitute any visual burden, because it is kept in very light colors, and birds will add a very interesting theme. This solution will also play perfectly in a children's bedroom.
  • Artificial wood wallpaper on the ceiling
    Wallpaper with a plank motif or wooden logs gives the bedroom a rustic, stronger character in the situation when it is difficult to find natural wood in interior design due to the nature of construction. The wooden boards on the ceiling look very interesting and harmonize very well with the whiteness of the walls.
  • Zigzag wallpaper
    The mix of patterns and textures in wood colors is the perfect combination, inspired by Scandinavian and retro styles. A perfect example is a brownish-brown zigzag pattern, located on one or two walls.

Having a small bedroom doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. There are many room design ideas that will visually maximize your space while enhancing the quality of the room. The key is to find the options that best suit your taste and space.

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