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English style - smart and subtle kitchen

Wondering how to combine tradition and modernity in your kitchen? Do you want to create a truly magical, peaceful yet extraordinary space? Find out how to arrange an English-style kitchen to create a cozy atmosphere.

English style kitchen

English style in the kitchen - what to remember?

Interiors decorated in the English style are characterized by elegance, delicacy and subtlety. Cosy and warm atmosphere in all interiors, are also a landmark of an English design. The English style combines both tradition and modernity. Thanks to this diversity, the kitchen never looks the same and everyone can find something for themselves.

The roots of the English style should be sought in the Victorian era. At that time, the interiors were characterized by ornate panelling, heavy furniture, and high skirting boards. Naturally, however, English arrangements look a bit different now. You can find a variety of colours, floral motifs, as well as some modern solutions. Idyllic and romantic atmosphere reigns in English rooms.

The English-style kitchen is timeless and charming. The arrangement perfectly fits both small flat rooms and large areas of single-family houses. It is distinguished by subdued colours, milled furniture, as well as original accessories that play a key role in it.

English style kitchen

Modern English style kitchen - colour selection?

The colour that is most associated with English cuisine is white. Pastels can also be found there - beige, ecru, yellow and blue. Subdued and bright colours not only introduce a cosy atmosphere to the room, but also optically enlarge and brighten it. The interior gains lightness as well as spaciousness.

English cuisine, however, cannot be bland. Avoiding this, the interior should feature slightly more intense colours that will give it an individual character. Natural materials also play an important role - especially wood and stone.

English-style furniture - what should it look like?

English cuisine loves traditional furniture. They should be placed close to the building - both at the bottom and at the top. So that the interior is not too overwhelmed, it is good if the furniture has glazing. Thanks to them, the whole arrangement becomes light, and the porcelain and ceramics inside can be additionally exposed.

Furniture for the English kitchen should be milled and have decorative handles - most often brass knobs. Carvings that refer to the traditional look of the room are also welcome. Attention should be paid to the number of shelves, cabinets and drawers. The English style loves their excess.

The most popular colour of English-style furniture is white, which will look great with darker tops - e.g. marble. A dark floor made of high-quality natural wood can also be a colour accent. In addition to kitchen furniture, it is worth equipping the interior with a large, massive, wooden table with chairs.

English style kitchen

The island - a must-have element of English cuisine

An island is an extremely important element in an English-style kitchen. Like in most of the popular kitchen arrangements, it is practical and creates a great atmosphere. The kitchen island has both a decorative and functional function. It is a great way to create a pantry or additional storage space. In a small space, it can also be an alternative to a table. Its appearance should not differ from the rest of the kitchen furniture, as it's always better for the whole to be coherent and harmonious.

English kitchens - arrangements and accessories

English kitchen loves all kinds of knick-knacks and accessories. They make the final touch in the interior. Old accessories, things that make you feel a bit sentimental, are the best. It can be heirlooms handed down from generation to generation or vintage items just for decorations.

English cuisine has little to do with minimalism. Thus, on various types of shelves, window sills and table tops, there can be clay pots, spice pots, ceramic vases, as well as tea and coffee tins. It is also a good idea to display the porcelain. It can be placed in glass cabinets or hung on special hooks above the table-top.

Decorations with a flower pattern in English cuisine

When choosing decorations for an English-style kitchen, remember about floral motifs. It is an inseparable and obligatory element of this type of room. Flowers can be found on textiles such as curtains, curtains and tablecloths, as well as on walls.

Wallpapers for the kitchen in the English style will certainly be one of the most effective decorations. If you are not entirely convinced by large floral motifs, you can bet on something less conspicuous. An English kitchen will also work with a small check or striped wallpaper, the colours of which will match the entire arrangement.

Choose a poster for an English-style kitchen

English-style gray kitchen

English style is alive, therefore it is under constant evolution. This means that more and more people are starting to play with the arrangement and modify it in such a way that it is best suited not only to the specific conditions of the interior, but above all to their lifestyle. One of the trends that has been gaining momentum recently is the arrangement in shades of gray.

The English-style gray kitchen looks elegant, modern and fashionable. However, you should be careful when deciding to take this step. Too much gray or an inept combination of it with other shades can make the interior of a room gloomy. In order to find the balance, it is best to combine gray with white, as well as the natural colour of the wood. Ideally, a gray English-style kitchen should have a wooden floor. Adequate lighting is also extremely important, both in the central part of the room and above the counter-tops. Its colour should be warm. Floral motifs will also not work well in gray, English kitchens. A much better idea is to use wallpaper with a delicate chequered pattern.

English style white kitchen

A white kitchen is an absolute classic. Perfect for people who love aesthetic order. One of the most important aspects of English cuisine is balance, order and harmony. It is therefore worth combining it with a warm shade of wood, so that the kitchen does not look too sterile. It can be present both in the form of a parquet, and counter-tops or accessories. Wicker baskets, containers made of bamboo, wooden boards are a bull's eye. An obligatory element are also floral motifs, which can be smuggled into the interior in the form of textiles, ceramics, and posters.

English style kitchen

Small English style kitchen

The English kitchen arrangement will also work well in a small space. However, before you start furnishing, it is better to plan the arrangement of individual elements well. Choose only those elements that are necessary in the interior. Instead of a large table, go for a small bar that will become both a dining area and an additional storage space.

In a small English-style kitchen, bright colours will work best. This applies to both walls and furniture. Thanks to this, the interior will be more spacious and also brighter. Furniture should have milled fronts and stylish handles. Numerous glazing will make the room light and delicate. Large-size wallpaper can be replaced, for example, by paintings for the kitchen with floral motifs that will bring a breath of freshness and tradition into the room. Live plants are always welcome, as well as accessories characteristic of English arrangements.

Different faces of English-style cuisine

English-style cuisine has many faces. It is an excellent basis for experiments, it is timeless and universal. Combining the arrangement with other interior styles allows you to create an extremely original and unique space that meets all the needs of the residents.

  • Idyllic and rustic
    The combination of English and rustic styles will allow you to create a truly romantic and homely space. It cannot be lacking wood with a warm and bright colour, as well as charming accessories. These include, first, jealousies, lace tablecloths, as well as copper vases with dried bouquets of wild flowers.
  • Colonial
    If you want to introduce colonial accents to English cuisine, you should first take care of high-quality exotic wood. The specific character can also be emphasized by oriental accessories made of mother-of-pearl or ivory. For a bright arrangement dominated by warm colours, you can also introduce a bit of darker shades, e.g. bottle-green.
  • Glamour
    This is an offer for people who love flash and luxury. The introduction of shimmering elements will allow you to get a real glamour effect. You can opt for a decorative and crystal chandelier, dark table tops, as well as luxurious fabrics, e.g. velveteen.

The English style is appreciated primarily for family warmth, elegance and universalism. It looks great both in its classic and slightly modern form. It works well in most rooms, creating a truly cosy atmosphere.

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