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Greek-style kitchen, or... the kingdom of blue and white!

Are you looking to make your kitchen functional without compromising on the uniqueness? Would you like to feel a breeze of fresh Greek air and get carried away by the dazzling blue of the ocean in your kitchen? Explore the Greek style and find out how to bring it into your kitchen kingdom!

Greek-style kitche

Kitchen - Greek style

The Greek-style is recommended for anyone who is looking to create an original but not too extravagant décor and give their kitchen a unique character.

The Mediterranean style is authentic, aesthetically pleasing and evokes positive emotions. It is a memory of carefree holiday moments - the sound of the sea, warm wind and hot sun. Interiors decorated in this style should reflect the specific character of Mediterranean interiors, so there can be no lack of blue and white. The kitchen in the Greek style - above all - means simple solutions, original colours and a lot of bright, natural light. It's a space full of warmness, smiles and joie de vivre, perfect for travel buffs and optimists who find joy in small moments and everyday life.

Greek-style kitche

How to decorate a kitchen in Greek style?

Greek-style, as the name implies, originated in Greece. Many people make an immediate connection to ancient Greece and the antiques. The interiors in this style feature typical for the region ornaments, but you would look in vain for statues of Greek gods. The contemporary Greek-style interior reflects the living in the provinces, in small tourist towns, where time passes more unhurriedly and each day is celebrated with relaxation and leisure.

Welcome Greece into your kitchen!

Colours of the Greek kitchen

White and light blue reign supreme in Greek-style kitchen arrangements. This characteristic dual colour palette is reflected in virtually every element. When choosing colourings, it is advisable to focus on the purest white, which will perfectly accentuate the depth of the blue. With the second colour, more flexibility is permitted. Light blue will undoubtedly work nicely in a small Greek kitchen, especially when combined with white, which will optically enlarge and illuminate the room. For well-lit interiors, you can opt for darker colours such as cobalt, turquoise or even navy blue.

However, the combination of white and blue may result in intense colour contrast. Therefore, it is suggested to introduce, for example, beige, brown or brick orange into the space. These colours will break up the monotony of the interior and bring freshness into the room.

Greek-style kitche

Furniture in a Greek kitchen

Greek arrangements do not require complicated repairs and renovations. The secret is simplicity, which can conjure a warm and comfortable place with little effort. Simple forms are manifested not only in the colour scheme but also in the furniture. In a Greek kitchen, furniture made of natural wood will do excellently. Furnishing with a simple shape will be timeless and universal. A warm shade, subtle imperfections and rubbing in the rustic style will bring an idyllic atmosphere of peaceful countryside to the room.

It is common to find white furniture in a Greek kitchen, which fits perfectly with the Greek colour scheme. Vintage pieces that look a little aged are best. A large wooden table will be a perfect choice for the dining area. Ideally, the table should be able to accommodate the entire family and enable comfortable spending of time. A table with ceramic tops covered with a mosaic is also a characteristic feature of the Mediterranean areas and looks extremely impressive.

Greek-style kitche

The lighting in a Greek kitchen

Ideally, a Greek-style kitchen should be spacious and bright. It looks best when lit by the natural rays of the sun. However, providing artificial lighting to illuminate the entire room after sunset is essential. Large lamps made from biotic materials such as linen, rattan or wicker are best. In addition to a central light source, it is also a great concept to illuminate the worktop making the everyday kitchen tasks more convenient.

Greek-style kitche

Additions to the Greek kitchen

The unique ambience of a Greek-style kitchen is also due to the carefully selected accessories. These include:

  • natural textiles - delicate window curtains made from biologically derived materials, as well as charming cloths with blue ornaments,
  • wicker or rattan fruit baskets,
  • wooden kitchen accessories,
  • ceramic vases and jugs,
  • live potted plants placed in covers or baskets made of e.g. seagrass,
  • cobalt blue tableware.

A Greek décor cannot thrive without wall decorations. Greek-style kitchen decorations usually depict beautiful landscapes, which bring a breeze of warm air and a characteristic Mediterranean aura into the interior.

Another excellent idea for decor in a Greek-style kitchen would be a Trip to Santorini poster or a canvas print such as Lonely Alley. Decorations also include nautical accessories such as fishing nets, lanterns or shells. Various designs with pebbles, branches, dried flowers and herbs are also fitting.

Greek-style kitche

Greek-style kitchen design - a true oasis of calm and beauty!

A Greek-style kitchen is a perfect interior design style that will bring joy, relaxation and a family atmosphere into your home. The Mediterranean aura completes the interior, making it very comfortable and cosy for all members of your family. A large table or kitchen island encourages people to spend time together while eating and preparing meals. With the right decoration, you can feel like you are on a Greek holiday!

A Greek-style kitchen is an aesthetically pleasing space, incredibly simplistic and versatile. Such design works perfectly in both flats and detached houses. Greek design is primarily associated with azure waters, sunshine and charming white and blue buildings. In the interior, Greek décor will introduce a breath of fresh Mediterranean air, a calm ambience and a holiday atmosphere.

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