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Kitchen wall ideas and inspirations

Planning to refresh your kitchen? Wondering how to restyle your cooking and dining space? Discover our kitchen wall decor ideas and enjoy a completely new look of your interior, without effort and spending a fortune.

kitchen wall decoration

Kitchen wall decoration

The kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home. It is, therefore, important to combine both functionality with aesthetics while decorating it. Many people don't pay enough attention to decoration aspect of this interior, which makes it feel uninviting and unimpressive. This is a serious mistake that, fortunately, can be quickly and easily rectified!

If you want to refresh your kitchen décor or decorate it from scratch, you only need a few small items. When it comes to this type of interior, wall decorations are the best choice. These include, above all, canvas prints and posters, which are able to quickly give the interior the right character. Wallpaper, wall murals, mirrors and clocks are also suitable for the kitchen. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve and what type of arrangement you like best. When arranging and decorating your kitchen, you should also pay attention to the size of the space. This will affect not only the choice of accessories, but also the way they are arranged. Skilful use of the individual decorating elements will allow you to optically enlarge or reduce the interior.

kitchen wall decoration

Trendy and stylish kitchen wall art

Kitchen wall decorations create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. If properly chosen, they can accentuate kitchen furniture or brighten up the interior. The number of decorations available on the market is enormous - you can choose from the most classic to the modern and practical - making everyday life in the kitchen easier. You can opt for magnetic paint, to which you can attach recipes, shopping lists or daily messages to your family members. An alternative to this idea can also be a chalkboard or the very trendy clip-on grid.

Decorative tapestries are also very popular, as well as small decorations such as hanging figurines or wooden hearts. These types of elements are perfect for emphasising the romantic and rustic atmosphere of a space. If you like a natural boho look, try hanging macramé or houseplants on an empty kitchen wall. Climbing plants will look great and cover a wall with a beautiful, natural design in the future.

kitchen wall decoration

Kitchen wall art ideas - go for canvas prints

The quickest, yet most effective way to refresh a kitchen space and arrange an empty wall is to use wall decorations, such as posters or canvas prints.

Kitchen posters can dramatically transform a space and bring a cosy atmosphere to it. An extremely wide selection of this type of accessories allows you to perfectly match them with your kitchen's arrangement. Herbarium posters, minimalist or retro patterns or motivational posters will work perfectly. Keep in mind that canvas prints for the kitchen do not have to be strictly related to the theme of cooking. Universal floral and plant motifs are always a good choice. If you want to create a truly modern interior, it is worth opting for abstract motifs or those inspired by the work of contemporary artists such as Banksy.

Very popular are the canvas prints depicting various types of beverages - starting with coffee and ending with alcohol - as well as posters depicting kitchen tools, which can also be a kind of "support" for the chef. It is worth mentioning that wall decorations for the kitchen will look great both individually and in the company of other decorations. If you want to arrange an empty wall, it is a good idea to create a themed wall gallery, which will certainly be a unique and inimitable composition.

Choose a poster for an empty wall in the kitchen

Kitchen wall design - wallpaper or wall murals

Wall decorations suitable to enhance your cooking area also include wallpapers and wall murals for kitchen. Choosing the right motif, which will match furniture colours, will perfectly emphasise the whole design and give a space an elegant character. The range of such accessories on the market is extremely wide. You can choose both toned-down and classic patterns, as well as slightly more avant-garde decorations. As with canvas prints and posters, there is no need to limit yourself to culinary motifs. Landscapes, floral or plant motifs will also do the job. A very popular solution is to use a wall mural for kitchen, which imitates natural materials:

  • wood will give the room a rustic feel,
  • red brick will blend in perfectly with the industrial style,
  • white stone is recommended to those who are in love with Provencal or Scandinavian arrangements.

Keep in mind that wallpapers for the kitchen should be of high quality and suitable for the interior conditions. Go for those that are resistant to moisture and heat. This is the only way to guarantee that the decoration will remain aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

kitchen wall decoration

Kitchen wall art is a quick and effective way to create a unique arrangement of your interior. Just a few small decorations are enough to make your kitchen feel cosy and inviting. Choose the right motif, colour scheme, size and enjoy an extraordinary restyling of your space!

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