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Art deco kitchen - luxurious and harmonious in your interior

Do you feel good in stylish and elegant interiors? Are you fond of sophisticated decor and accessories? If so, you will surely make friends with the art deco style. In the following article, you will learn how to introduce the atmosphere to your kitchen straight from the movie "The Great Gatsby".

Art deco kitchen - inspirations from the 1920s

The art deco style has been with us for over a hundred years, and it constantly inspires generations of interior decorators, who perfectly transfer it to contemporary realities. The most important feature of this style, not only in the kitchen, is consistency. Art deco means symmetry, harmony and ubiquitous luxury.
This style was born in France. However, it soon became part of the spaces of the inhabitants of other European countries. It neatly combines the art of space arrangement with graphics or paintings. The interiors decorated in this style cannot lack geometric shapes and ethnic ornaments. Refined and glamorous elements are combined with African or Greek accents. Despite the feeling of elegance and luxury, art deco kitchens are also characterized by a high level of ergonomics.
Art deco will work not only in the kitchen. In our article in the art deco style - what should you remember? you will find some tips on arranging a living room.

Art deco kitchen

Materials in an art deco kitchen

When arranging an art deco kitchen, you should focus primarily on high-quality materials. An interior inspired by the 1920s loves precious raw materials - there is no room for cheaper substitutes here. The kitchen and dining room must be made in good quality wood. It can be both oak and walnut, as well as slightly more exotic items - mahogany or ebony. Marble and leather will also work well in the arrangement.
The floor in an art deco kitchen should be made of:

  • wood arranged in a herringbone pattern,
  • stone, e.g. in the form of marble tiles,
  • ceramics, for example a mosaic made of black and white tiles.

A floor paved in geometric patterns, such as diamonds or stars, is also great here.

Art deco kitchen and its colors

The walls in an art deco kitchen usually create an elegant background for furniture, flooring and accessories. They should stay in light colours. Shades of white and beige would be best. You can also use wallpaper in the spacious kitchen Art Deco flowers emphasizing the exquisite style. Furniture and floors in a darker colour will create a contrast, which will allow for a stronger emphasis on their presence in the space. Colours such as gray, black and brown should also appear in the interior.

Art deco kitchen

Art deco furniture for the kitchen

One of the most important parts of every art deco kitchen is furniture. Kitchen cabinets should be massive with high-gloss finish. They do not necessarily have to be furniture taken from the 1920s. It is worth going with the times and choosing a bit more modern proposals. Art deco assumes the use of modern technologies and striving for the space to be primarily functional.
Attention should be paid to furniture inspired by cubism. Buildings of this type emphasize solids, which is in line with one of the main assumptions of the style, i.e. geometry. Therefore, furniture in the shape of a hexagon or a cylinder will be perfect. It is significant that the bodywork is slightly rounded and finished in high gloss. This will allow you not only to emphasize the elegance of the interior, but also to optically enlarge it. The surface of the furniture will reflect the light, making the kitchen seem more spacious. ebony chairs, round tables made of exotic wood, and cupboards with flowing lines.

House appliances

An art deco kitchen should be refined down to the smallest detail. In addition to the kitchen furniture itself, it is very important to match household appliances. It is best if they are solid, massive and kept in dark colours. You can choose a combination of black and gold, or choose the natural colour of steel. A good solution is also the complete installation of household appliances. This will allow you to maintain harmony and consistency. When arranging the kitchen, let's not forget about the so-called small household appliances, which include, kettle or coffee maker. When choosing appliances of this type, it is worth making sure that they are best suited to the appearance of the kitchen.


The climate of the 1920s is largely due to the appropriate lighting. It's best to carefully plan the location of light sources already at the stage of designing your space. The central light on the ceiling is the basis, it will illuminate the entire kitchen. A hanging lamp will work best. A simple and elegant smart made of dark wood and chrome-plated metal. Lamps and chandeliers with the addition of glass and gold will also fit the interior. The kitchen should also provide light, which will be helpful during the preparation of food. Ideally, it should be placed under the furniture, and it should fall on the worktop. If the kitchen is connected to the dining room or has an island, which is used to eat, it is necessary to ensure that these places are illuminated with stylish lamps.

Art deco kitchen

Art deco accessories for the kitchen

Accessories are elements that can radically change a space and give it its proper character. They can also be found in the kitchen, especially in the art deco style.

  1. Paintings
    The basic element of an art deco interior. They add charm and refinement. The luxurious kitchen is best emphasized by the paintings of famous Art Nouveau painters. Ideally suited for example Kiss or Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Decorated in white and gold colors, they will perfectly emphasize the 20th century atmosphere.
  2. Kitchen fittings
    One of the elements worth paying attention to in the kitchen is the water tap. It is best if it matches the colour of elements such as lamps or knobs on kitchen furniture. The art deco style loves gold, so maybe it's worth choosing a tap in this colour?
  3. Vegetation
    Plants will complement the art deco interior. Cut flowers placed on a table or on a kitchen island in a glass, spherical vase will work best. You can also create your own mini garden and place your favourite herbs in decorative gold or silver casings on the kitchen counter.

The art deco style is the essence of elegance and functionality. The kitchen inspired by the 1920s is a place full of paradoxes, which on the one hand strives for harmony, and on the other loves the ubiquitous contrast. It can not lack elements that on the one hand will emphasize the luxury of the room, and on the other hand will be practical in everyday use.

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