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DIY: Mountains on the wall - for a children's room and more

Autumn hikes delight with landscapes full of warm colours especially with the treetops shimmering gold and red in the last rays of the sun. On rainy days, when the weather outside the window does not really encourage us to do outdoor activities, you can have a nice bit of autumn atmosphere in your interior. Today, we have a proposal for creative entertainment for you and your children, namely creating a unique wall decoration. Using the remnants of wallpaper, you can conjure up colorful mountain peaks on the wall, which will enliven any room and make the moments of autumn gray more enjoyable. Let's get to work!

What you need?

  • 3 different wallpapers
  • a ruler
  • scissors or a knife
  • a pencil
  • decorative adhesive tapes
  • wall stickers with a nature theme (we have butterflies)
DIY: Mountains on the wall
DIY: Mountains on the wall

The method

1. Gather all the necessary things before starting. Also clean and smooth the wall wher the decoration will be implemented.

2. Measure the appropriate stripes with a ruler and draw on the wallpaper so that they resemble mountains.

3. Cut them out.

4. Stick the stripes on the wall.

5. Attach matching decorative ribbons on the edges and stick wall stickers between the mountains - we focused on the butterfly motif.

6. Well done!

When it swells outside, try to spend time creatively and decorate your interior in an unconventional way. We hope that we encouraged you to create decorations on your own that will give every interior a personal character.

Choose a wallpaper for creative DIY decorations

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