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DIY: Multifunctional decorative wood slice board

Can a piece of wood turn into a multi-functional decorative board? But of course it can! Today we will show you how to create an original and practical ornament that you can use in many ways. In a child's room it will be a great opportunity to create chalk drawings, in the living room it will be used for entering motivational quotes or providing special messages for household members. In the kitchen, you can write down your shopping list or important things to do.

What you need?

  • a slice of wood (trunk)
  • self-adhesive blackboard wallpaper
  • sandpaper
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • decorative elements (we have decorative tape and pompoms)
wood slices decorations
wood slices decorations

The method:

1. Gather all the necessary things together.

2. Cut a circle out of the wallpaper with a diameter smaller than a slice of wood - leave a margin of at least 2 cm.

3. Smoothen the wood surface with sandpaper and remove any dust.

4. Apply the cut circle to the wood slice.

5. Smooth the wallpaper to stick it permanently to the wood and get rid of any air bubbles.

6. Attach the desired decorative elements with hot glue.

7. We used fancy ribbon and pompoms.

8. Beautiful and original blackboard ready!

Choose a wallpaper with an imitation of wood

A decoration made in this way is not only a practical "reminder", thanks to which we will not miss anything, but also a great way to warm up the interior. Depending on the room in which we place it, it will have different functions. What role would this ornament play in your interior?

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