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Autumn DIY – enrich your interior with unique decorations!

Autumn is a time of year that brings not only colorful leaves and cool evenings, but also inspiration for creating unique DIY decorations that will bring warmth and character to your interior. Learn a few ways to make unique decorations that you can make yourself!

Autumn DIY

Autumn – the perfect time to develop your passions!

Autumn, with its golden leaves and cool breeze, is not only a season of changing nature, but also a perfect time to develop creativity through various passions and handicrafts. In this magical period, when nature shows its full colors, many people find inspiration for creative endeavors. Warm sweaters, the smell of spice roots and the sound of falling leaves conjure up moments spent doing handicrafts. This is the time when handmade decorations become particularly charming, and handmade designs become an expression of love for detail. Autumn, wrapping itself in its warmth, encourages you to discover new skills and introduce unique, personalized elements into your home that exude the charm of this unique season.

Autumn DIY

Bring autumn into your interior!

The atmosphere of autumn at home is a real feast for the senses, where the harmony of natural colors and unique details create a unique aura of warmth and peace. Natural pumpkins, in various shades, act not only as decorative accents, but also symbolize the abundance of this magical season. It is therefore worth creating compositions that will work great on the dining room table, the coffee table in the living room, or on the windowsill, for example. Next to the orange pumpkin, there can also be a candle with the scent of spices, which will certainly add a unique atmosphere to the room.

A great idea to refresh the interior and introduce the atmosphere of autumn to your house or apartment is to enrich the space with unique paintings that are associated with this season or its colors. Abstract paintings can be perfect and will fit both classic and modern interiors.

DIY autumn decorations – create them with us!

When introducing autumn into your home, it is worth reaching for unique DIY decorations that will not only give the interior a unique character, but will also allow you to personally participate in creating the magical atmosphere of this season. Creating your own autumn decorations is not only a great way to develop your creativity, but also an opportunity to create interiors full of warmth and personal charm. We have prepared three decorations for you that you can easily make yourself!

A unique scented DIY candle

You will need:

  • a decorative bowl or a decorative jar,
  • soy wax (you can easily get it online),
  • a wooden wick, which will be responsible for the pleasant sound of sizzling wood,
  • any decorations that are clearly associated with autumn, e.g. cinnamon stick, dried orange slices, anise,
  • essential oil with any autumn scent,
  • hot glue to glue the wick to the bottom of the vessel,
  • pot and strainer,
  • a metal cup to melt the wax.

How to do it:

  • Before starting work, prepare all the necessary materials.
  • Glue the wick to the bottom of the decorative bowl or jar using hot glue.
  • Boil water in a pot, place a strainer on it and place a cup/vessel for dissolving the wax.
  • Add the wax gradually and stir until completely dissolved.
  • Pour the melted wax with a few drops of oil into a bowl.
  • Wait until the wax hardens a little (but not completely) and place any decorations on top.

And that's it! Beautiful, right?!

Autumn DIY


Transformation of a boring cabinet

You will need:

  • self-adhesive wallpaper – e.g. autumn wallpapers will be perfect,
  • scissors or a special wallpaper cutter.

How to do it:

  • Before starting work, prepare all the necessary materials.
  • First, clean the cabinet from dust.
  • Then stick the self-adhesive wallpaper on the front and cut off the excess so that it adheres perfectly to the surface and completely covers the door. Ready! Quick and effective!
Autumn DIY

Glowing autumn composition

You will need:

  • glass vase,
  • artificial, small pumpkins,
  • cones,
  • LED lights.

How to do it:

  • Before starting work, prepare all the necessary materials.
  • Place pumpkins and pine cones alternately in the glass vase, weaving LED lights inside so that they line up nicely along the vase.
  • A beautiful and impressive autumn composition is ready!

PS: during the holiday season, you can replace pumpkins and pine cones with Christmas tree baubles. We guarantee a real WOW effect!

PS: w okresie świątecznym możesz zastąpić dynie i szyszki bombkami na choinkę. Gwarantujemy prawdziwy efekt WOW!

Autumn DIY

Change your interior with bimago!

However, if you want a significant interior transformation, be sure to visit our website bimago. In addition to wallpapers, wall murals and room dividers, you will find there unique collections of canvas prints and posters inspired by the magical aura of autumn. These charming works art depicting golden leaves, picturesque forest landscapes or nostalgic landscapes will take your interiors to the fascinating world of this unique season. Canvas prints and posters become an invaluable tool in the metamorphosis of an interior, regardless of the season. This is a quick and simple way to give the space a new character, adapted to current inspirations. Therefore, reach for these autumn masterpieces of art to instantly make your interiors cozier and in line with the charm of this magical season.

Even the smallest, handmade details can bring the unique aura of autumn to your interior. A creative afternoon spent creating handmade decorations is not only an opportunity to develop your artistic skills, but also a way to bring the warmth and charm of autumn into your home.

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