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DIY: Christmas decorations on the wall - unconventional decorations in your four corners

During the Christmas season, many people decide to enhance their home decor. There are plenty of ways here, but the most enjoyable are hand-made decorations. If you dream of an original DIY wall decoration that will emphasize the festive atmosphere, we have two suggestions for you.

The first is to create a Christmas gallery using our Christmas themed paintings. The second idea is a wallpaper Christmas tree, which is an interesting alternative for people who care about the environment and do not want to have a real tree at home or cannot afford to put a Christmas tree in their apartment due to the limited space. Creating decorations is not difficult - it only requires a few accessories, free time and a bit of willingness. And the end result will surely surprise not only you, but also your loved ones. In the following text, we will explain to you step by step how to make a Christmas decoration.

What do you need?

  • pictures with a Christmas theme
  • Christmas lights
  • adhesive hooks
  • photo frames
DIY: Christmas decorations on the wall
DIY: Christmas decorations on the wall
DIY: Christmas decorations on the wall

The method:

1. Gather all the necessary materials together before starting work.

2. Hang the pictures on the wall in a Christmas atmosphere using the hooks from our set.

3. Attach the self-adhesive hooks to the wall, on which you can place photo frames and Christmas tree lights.

4. Weave a few photo frames between the Christmas pictures.

5. Finally, hang the Christmas lights on the hooks as well.

6. Your beautiful and unique Christmas gallery ready!

Wall Christmas tree with wallpaper

What do you need?

  • self-adhesive wallpaper (our choice: following pattern)
  • scissors
  • pencil / pen
  • adhesive hooks
  • Christmas balls
DIY: Christmas decorations on the wall
DIY: Christmas decorations on the wall
DIY: Christmas decorations on the wall

The method:

1. Prepare all the necessary materials before starting work.

2. Prepare two strips of wallpaper, about 1 meter long, and place them next to each other.

3. Draw a Christmas tree on the wallpaper (half a Christmas tree on each wallpaper strip).

4. Cut out the drawn pattern.

5. Stick the Christmas tree on the wall.

6. Attach the adhesive hooks to the Christmas tree.

7. Hang the baubles on the hooks.

8. Well done! Original Christmas tree on the wall, perfect for small rooms.

Bimago decorations can be used to make original features on your own, which will make Christmas look like nothing else. Bimago gallery paintings, illuminated with lamps and a Christmas tree made of wallpaper, will surely change any interior and put you in the right mood.

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