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DIY photo wall - background ideas for great shots from special events

The photo wall is an installation that stands as a background on which we take photos during events. This ingenious solution is slowly becoming a decorative standard at all important occasions. This should not come as a surprise, because in the times of the cult of personal image, we want to ensure that, in addition to beautiful memories, we still have beautiful photos from weddings and private parties. A decorative wall will provide a unique setting for special moments! In this article, we'll tell you how to make it.

Photo wall for a wedding

Are you preparing your wedding and would like to surprise your guests? Surely you are already thinking about decorating a wedding hall or have hired a decorator to take care of its unique atmosphere. However, in the room itself, there is rarely a place exclusively for photos. That is why investing in a wedding wall is a good way to be to enjoy your guests reaction on this special day, i.e. photos of the bride and groom and guests against an a piece of aestetic background! If you want to get more on this subject, there is a lot of ideas out there, waiting for you; it can be a LED or tulle curtain, a wall made of garlands of flowers or vines, a rustic photo wall made of wood... Its form will of course depend on the style of the wedding. If the party is glamorous or in a modern and stylish style, decorative screens with prints shining with gold or silver will be perfect as photo walls.

Photo wall for a wedding
Photo wall for a wedding

Photo wall for 18th birthday or prom

If you want to have official photos from your birthday or prom, which (unlike the other photos) you can show off - a prom wall or photo wall at 18 will be a great idea. The choice of a photo wall for prom should be determined by the theme of the event, and if it does not have a specific theme, it should be a classically decorated panel, no less elegant than a wedding photo wall. For this purpose, we can use a dark red velvet curtain, which will cover part of the wall. Another idea is a portable photo wall - we stick a wall mural with a curtain or quilted satin motif in a glamor style on a large plasterboard. Every party will get additional climate if the red carpet will lead to the photo wall! On the other hand, a photo wall for photos for a birthday will serve mainly as a background for crazy photos with friends and will allow you to capture the moment of entering adulthood. The photo wall for the 18th birthday is to match the atmosphere of the party - you will find many wall murals and screens that will match the theme of your event! It is worth buying a birthday set for the installation - e.g. balloons with the name of the birthday person and the number 18.

Photo wall for 18th birthday
Photo wall for 18th birthday

Decorative wall for events

A successfulness of event is measured byt how memorable it becomes and is distinguished by its atmosphere. In addition to the photo wall for photos for the event, you can find funny accessories with which guests will be photographed (masks, hats, glasses), as well as balloons or confetti cans. If we are looking for a good idea for an event, e.g. a corporate party, birthday or anniversary, we can make a photo corner and distribute Polaroids to guests. Then we install strings for hanging photos on the decorative wall and watch how the wall is constantly filled with the chronicle of the event!

How to make a photo wall?

We would like to show you easy-to-make ideas for a decorative wall, thanks to which you will provide the right setting for your souvenir photos. As we have already mentioned, one of the options is to prepare a plasterboard photo wall on which we stick a photo wallpaper with the selected motif. The more exclusive version is to buy a decorative screen and decorate it in a party style! We have decided to prepare the latter for you.


  • a room divider
  • self-adhesive wallpaper
  • helium
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • carpet (preferably a red one ")
  • balloons (and other decoration features)
ścianka do zdjęć na 18
ścianka do zdjęć na 18

The method:

1. Gather all the necessary things before starting.

2. Draw a few numbers " 18 " on the adhesive wallpaper and cut them out.

3. Stick the numbers on the screen, inflate the balloons and place decorations as desired.

4. Here is a DIY photo wall in all its glory! Enjoy beautiful photo backdrops and surprise all guests with your personalized design.

The photo wall is a decorative innovation that will provide the right setting for your events and make you feel like a star!

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