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When arranging their interiors, most of the time men focus on minimalism and individualism. When choosing room accessories, they want to emphasize their own passions. Wall murals are a good way to enhance a male bedroom, room with a pool table or a bar. Although probably many associate the wallpapers with floral patterns and English-style motifs, you will also find large-format wall decorations that will appeal to gentlemen. Check out some of our inspirations in this area.

Wallpapers for men's interior

Guys who focus on simplicity and subdued colours can reach for a universal solution in the form of beige striped wallpaper. For such decoration, it is good to choose accessories in various styles. The wallpaper will contrast in an interesting way with a red pillow or curtain. Gray decoration with subtle stripes will be perfect for a Scandinavian-style arrangement and industrial interiors. The lattice is also a universal motif. If any man wants to arrange his bedroom in such a way that his partner would also like the decor, chequered wallpaper will be the perfect solution. Geometric motifs are also a good idea.

wallpapers for men
guitar wall mural


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Non standard wallpaper ideas for men

Fans of original solutions may like wallpapers imitating concrete. Decorations of this type are an alternative to real concrete walls, which require specific architectural environment and higher financial outlays. The concrete imitation will perfectly diversify the men's bedroom. It will be an excellent addition to industrial and loft-style interiors. If you decide to use such a wallpaper, you can also use additives in more intense colours that will liven up the arrangement a bit. An interesting solution are also 3d murals. A mural depicting a tunnel will make the interior more original and bring a touch of mystery to it.
The wallpaper for the man can also show a floral theme. Of course, they don't have to look like a romantic scenery. Available themes include dark, graphic patterns or a palm leaf motif. A wallpaper depicting a jungle in black and white colours will be a genuine complement to the arrangement of a man's room.

wallpapers for men
silhouette wall mural

Internal explosion

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Men's day wallpapers

Another interior decoration idea are hobby murals with motifs referring to men's passions. It can also be an original gift for someone you love. You can bet on sports-themed decorations, for example depicting footballers or a fragment of a stadium. Gentlemen, for whom music is an important part of life, will surely appreciate wall murals with guitar or old vinyls. A wall mural depicting rally cars or motorcycles will be perfect for a car fans room. More or less avid travellers will surely enjoy murals with maps world. You can use a wallpaper depicting a map of one of the world's greatest cities. There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing a theme. A colourful world map will enliven the space, while the map in black and white will be a smooth accent to the interior, perfectly matching the atmosphere of spaces with various styles.

wallpapers for men
New York wall paper

Gold and silver - NYC

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Properly selected wallpaper can ba fantastic enhancement of a man's room. Thanks to the appropriate decoration, guys can emphasize their individualism or their own passions.

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