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Paintings and posters are decorative elements that are a "must be" in almost every interior. They perfectly emphasize the character of the room and make it cozy and comfortable. Learn how to hang a picture on the wall easy, with no drilling, nails and nasty holes.

how to display paintings without damaging the wall

Pictures and posters are an essential element of any interior!

Pictures and posters are an essential element of any interior! Paintings and posters are elements of the interior that can dramatically change its character in the blink of an eye. Depending on the needs, they can both optically reduce and increase the space. Properly selected, they highlight the advantages of the interior and mask its shortcomings. The sequence of paintings on the wall, however, should be well planned in advance. What matters is not only the appearance and colors of the motifs on them, but also the size, height, place and everything around them. Sometimes it happens that even after finding the perfect spot for the image, it does not harmonize with the whole and you watn to hang it somewhere else. However, if you do that there is still a hole remaining in the wall, so most often the decoration stays in its place and does not look the way you want it to look. Fortunately, there are several ways to display posters and paintings without damaging the wall. Read about 7 of them!

7 ways to hang pictures and posters without damaging your wall

The following ideas are the best option for people who do not like their home space to be stagnant and often change the setting of interior decorations. Almost none of them requires the use of a drill and drilling in the wall, and thus does not leave holes after changing a place of a painting or a poster.

1. Shelf for posters and pictures

The first and only method that requires a drill is to hang a special shelf for paintings and posters. However, this is a solution that does not require creating any new holes on the wall. All you need to do is rearrange posters or pictures within the shelf. The hanging furniture is narrow and inconspicuous, which means that the first fiddle is always played by the items placed on it. There are shelves of various sizes and shapes on the market. Some of them allow you to place larger elements on them, e.g. potted flowers.

2. Decorations leaning against the wall

Another solution does not require any additional accessories or interfering with the wall structure. Large posters and paintings can be leaned easily against the wall. This effect will be extremely effective in minimalist, bright and spacious rooms. Subtle images like Shared look. You can also use window sills or heaters to display the decorations. In the case of the latter, however, you should watch how would they react to the radiated heat - too warm temperature may cause paper deformation.

3. Small artworks placed on a bookshelf

A bookcase is a great place for small-sized paintings. Decorations can be based on books or placed in frames in which photos usually find their place. These frames have special feet that allow them to be placed anywhere. If you have a bookcase with a large number of shelves, you may be tempted to create a whole collection of matching images placed on different levels of the shelf.

4. Take advantage of products available on the market

There are many ways that allow you to hang decorations on the wall without using a drill.

  • Velcro - glued to the picture frame and then pressed against the cleaned wall,
  • rzepy – przyklejane są początkowo do ramy obrazu, a następnie dociskane do oczyszczonej powierzchni ściany,
  • self-adhesive nails - just like previous ways, nails are placed on the wall with a special tape; their advantage is the possibility of height adjustment,
  • self-adhesive strips - they will work particularly good with light posters without a frame; they are invisible and leave no trace on the wall.

5. Give up the frame and hang the poster on a string

Another way will work in rooms that are kept in a rustic style. suspended suspended on strings that can be hung, for example, on brackets under the bookshelf. If your interior has an irregular wall made of stone or brick, that would be a perfect place to attach the string.

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6. Plastic hangers on the wall

Plastic hangers on the wall are most often used in bathrooms or kitchens to hang towels or cloths. They can also work well for hanging posters or paintings. Note however, that these items are not too reliable. It is better and hang the pictures with no frame, e.g. on the above-mentioned string.

7. Painter's easels

The last idea to display paintings and posters in the interior is to place them on painter's easels. These types of accessories are available on the market in many variants and sizes. Images can be arranged both individually and in pairs. The advantage of this idea is the is the fact that you can your easel to any place in the case of changing the interior arrangement, you can also replace your features on the easle as you want.

There are a lot of ideas for a interior design with paintings and posters and it is not always necessary to drill holes in the walls. Imagination is the limi. Enchant your room with original decorations without the need to use a drill!

Decorate your interior with paintings and posters without destroying the wall!