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What color to paint and decorate the living room?

Do you want to refresh your apartment a bit? Are you wondering about colours for your living room? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of individual colours and decide what feels best.

what color in the living room

Which living room wall colors are the most universal?

The living room is the most representative place in the house. You spend the most time in it, both relaxing after work and having guests. It is important that its arrangement is thoughtful, encourages relaxation and reflects the character of the household as well as possible. When arranging a living room, it is worth considering its size and shape first and foremost.

  • 1. White
    The colour of the walls has a great influence on the entire arrangement. It is the factor that, to a large extent, determines its appearance and atmosphere. The most universal colour that is perfect for both large and small spaces is pure white. It illuminates and visually enlarges the interior, and is also an ideal background for furniture and accessories. White walls bring subtlety and lightness to the room - they are perfect for minimalist, Scandinavian and industrial arrangements. To break their coldness, you can use decorative wallpaper on one of the walls or decorate the interior with paintings, posters or family photos.
  • 2. Beige
    Shades of beige are also a good choice for the living room. Compared to white, they bring much more warmth and a cosy atmosphere to the interior. They enlarge the space, reflect light, and fit into many arrangements. They blend in beautifully with most colours, creating an original whole. Beige walls can be the basis of a glamour or Boho living room. They can be combined well with natural wood and soft fabrics.
what color in the living room

What color in the living room will distinguish and emphasize the character of the household?

A functional and tailored salon is half the battle. In order to be able to enjoy it fully, it is worth arranging it in such a way that it reflects the character of the household members as much as possible. If you feel comfortable in an orderly, harmonious and even pristine interior, choose bright colours and minimalist accessories. If you love to surround yourself with family souvenirs, and you love nature, introduce one of the most fashionable colours of recent times - bottle-green. You can read more about this colour in our article: What to combine bottle-green with and how to choose accessories in this colour?.


People who love bright, warm colours and treat the living room as a place of rest, should choose shades of yellow. This colour introduces an exceptionally joyful and cosy atmosphere to the room. No wonder, it is most often used in vintage and Mediterranean arrangements. If you want to bring a blissful, sea atmosphere to your living room, be sure to combine yellow colours with turquoise accessories. This colour is also perfect for modern interiors inspired by pop art.

what color in the living room


  • Blue
    Sensitive and artistic souls will feel best in interiors decorated in pastel colours. One of the proposals may be blue, which fits perfectly with the shabby chic style or the Scandinavian style. Thanks to it, you can easily create a space ideal to relax. However, it is not worth overdoing the amount of blue in the room. Its excess may make the room seem cool and not very cosy. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to introduce natural wood into the arrangement, as well as large amounts of soft fabrics. Wallpaper, which will be a perfect decoration for a room, can also be invaluable. In blue arrangements it will work, among others photo wallpaper Blue and beige retro world maporLong twigs.
  • Pink
    A romantic atmosphere can be introduced by painting the walls in powder pink. The room will become light, subtle and feminine. This colour will be a perfect background for both light and dark accessories. It will blend in wonderfully with mirrors, which will not only visually enlarge the living room, but also bring an elegant atmosphere to it. Powder pink should be combined with brown, grey, green, classic white, as well as gold.
what color in the living room

Minimalists and lovers of greenery

The minimalist arrangement of the living room loves bright and inconspicuous colours. Therefore, classic white and shades of grey will be perfect. A warmer atmosphere can be introduced to the living room by means of earth tones - beige, brown and subdued green.
People who love nature and feel best surrounded by plants should opt for bottle green. The colour will perfectly match the arrangement in the urban jungle style. In combination with beige and wicker accessories, it will create a unique Boho style.

what color in the living room

How to combine the wallpaper with the color of the walls?

what color in the living room
  • 1. Harmonious colours
    The first way to combine wallpaper with the colour of the walls is to choose a pair that will create a harmonious whole in terms of colour. In the beginning, it's best to choose a wallpaper. That way, it's much easier to match the right shade of paint to it. There is an unlimited choice of this type of decorations. You can choose a theme that will be ideally suited to both individual needs and the conditions in the interior.
  • 2. Contrast
    The second way to combine wallpaper with the colour of the walls is to match the elements on the basis of contrast. This combination will bring dynamism and energy to the living room. When deciding to put wallpaper or wall mural on one of the walls, it is better to have other walls smooth with limited number of other decor features. To emphasize the decoration, it is better to use contrasting but neutral colours. White, beige or grey will be perfect.

How to choose a painting for a colored wall?

If you want to decorate the interior with paintings or posters, it is worth following your own sensitivity first. It is best that the motifs presented in the paintings not only emphasize the interior arrangement, but also evoke positive emotions in the household members. The second rule is to adjust the image to the conditions prevailing in the interior. Replica of Klimt's painting. It will not fully match the Scandinavian arrangement, and the mountain landscape will not emphasize the character of sophisticated art deco. Both the theme and the colours of the picture must perfectly match the atmosphere in the interior and emphasize the uniqueness of the room. Attention should also be paid to on the size of decorations. For large rooms, you should choose much larger paintings than for small living rooms in a block of flats.
It is also an extremely interesting idea to create a whole gallery of paintings in various sizes and shapes on the wall in the living room..

What color for a living room with dark furniture, and which color for light furniture?

What color for a living room with dark furniture?

Dark furniture in the living room can give the impression of being quite massive. In addition, they optically reduce the room and make it not very cozy and cramped. To avoid this impression, it is worth taking care of an appropriate background. When choosing the colour of the walls in the living room, you can follow two rules:

  • matching the colour of the walls similar to the colour of the furniture - therefore light shades of grey, brown and beige are perfect,
  • selection based on contrast - dark furniture will blend in nicely with powder pink, blue or classic white; the option for the brave involves the use of intense colours of yellow, red and green.

In the case of small spaces, it is much better to focus on bright colours. They will neutralize the feeling of being overwhelmed and prevent dark furniture from dominating the interior. However, if you have much more space, you can try to use darker colours and additionally break them with an interesting wall mural.

What color for a living room with bright furniture?

In the case of light furniture, there are definitely more options. These are quite universal elements that will perfectly harmonize with both light and dark colours of the walls. It all depends on the effect and climate in the room. White and blue will be the perfect colours for people who feel comfortable in somewhat austere, balanced and harmonious interiors. Those who want to bring a lot of positive energy and sunshine to their living room should lean more towards beige, brown and yellow. Light furniture can be also in darker shades: deep navy blue, or trendy bottle-green.

The colour of the walls is one of the most important elements in any interior. It affects not only the character of the room, but most of all the well-being of those who live there. A well-thought-out and coherent arrangement of the living room is the best you can show at your place. It is therefore worth considering not only the colour of the walls, but also the extras that are to be on it.

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