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Which wall mural to select for the interiors?

Are you currently decorating your home? Are you thinking about a stunning decoration in the form of a wall mural? Read more about what to look out for when choosing wall murals and how to coordinate them with different rooms in your house or flat.

what wall mural to choose

Photo wallpaper - the best accessory for a chic interior!

One of the quickest and most effective ways to refresh an interior and give it a unique character is to use a wall mural. A wide range of designs and types of this décor is available on the market. Thus, matching them with the interior design in your home and the individual needs of the household members should not be a challenge. The advantages of wall murals include:

  • easy application - adhering a wall mural to your wall does not require the help of a renovation team; you can do it by yourself without having to worry about the unsatisfactory result,
  • high quality - wall murals printed on high-quality papers are not only aesthetic but, above all, durable,
  • multifunctionality - wall murals can serve a purely decorative but also a practical function; with their help, you can easily conceal wall imperfections, protect the surface from dirt or optically enlarge the space; they are also perfect for separating respective zones in the open-space interior.

How to choose a wall mural?

When choosing a wall mural for your interior, you should determine your needs and the type of room you would like to decorate. Given the distinct functions and features of the respective rooms, completely different accessories are chosen. However, it is essential to match the motif to the interior design of your space. Only then will the space be coherent and harmonious, and the wall mural will emphasise the essence of your interior.

How to style your living room with a wall mural?

The living room is one of the most representative rooms in every house and flat. It is no wonder that the appearance of this space is what home members care most about. The living room is where the vast majority of family and social life takes place. The versatility of this room suggests that it should be tasteful and cosy so that you can receive guests but also unwind after work in front of a TV or with a good book in hand.

A wall mural is a perfect solution for both - small and spacious - living rooms. In order to optically enlarge the interior and give it depth, a 3D wall mural is a perfect addition. For a space for general everyday use, choose from among the wall murals in subdued colours and calm motifs, which are facilitative to rest. For living rooms decorated in a modern and industrial style, wallpapers imitating natural materials are perfect, such as Red Brick. A glamorous living room will look graceful and elegant with a Black queen wall mural, which imitates quilted fabric.

Choose a wall mural for your living room

How to style your bathroom with a wall mural?

When choosing a wall mural for a bathroom, special attention should be paid to the material. Due to the prevailing humidity in the bathroom and the high risk of flooding the decoration with water, it must be durable and waterproof. One of the best solutions is to use a wall mural made of flat vinyl or glass fibre. Laminated non-woven fabric is also recommended. The additional protective glass is a popular solution for those looking to adorn the walls around the bathing area. This addition significantly increases the durability and may serve as an extra decorative component.

When choosing a motif and colour for a wall mural for your bathroom, it is worth following your own taste and the climate of the interior. If there is a window in your bathroom, consider creating an urban jungle-style interior and choose a wall mural with a motif of exotic plants. Due to the high humidity, various potted plants will also do well in a bathroom.

what wall mural to choose

How to style your bedroom with a wall mural?

The bedroom tends to be the most personal area of a home. It should therefore be comfortable, cosy and in tune with your lifestyle. Wall murals with intense colours and complex patterns should be avoided. Light and delicate colours and motifs that promote tranquillity are recommended to create a serene, cosy bedroom interior. So check out these inspiring wall murals for bedroom:

  • floral patterns,
  • botanical patterns, for example Gentle Touch of Nature,
  • with landscapes,
  • minimalist - imitating natural materials,
  • with sky motif.

It is worth noting that the wall murals can radically alter your interior or even disrupt the proportions. This is especially relevant for small bedrooms or those located in the attic. Choosing a well-suited decoration will optically enlarge or brighten your interior and make it blossom with a revitalised ambience.

Choose a wall mural for your bedroom

How to style your dining room with a wall mural?

A wall mural in the dining room is an excellent way to give the interior a unique character and protect the wall from possible staining. This decorative solution is particularly attractive to families with small children who are learning to eat on their own. A wall mural is also widely used to separate the zones in open-concept areas, such as the dining room in an open-concept kitchen.

A universal design that works best in the dining room is a culinary motif- fruit in juicy colours, a cup of coffee in subdued colours or a fusion of multicoloured spices.

How to style your kitchen with a wall mural?

The kitchen is one of the most family-friendly and communal spaces at home - not without a reason kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home. This is where you spend time not only preparing and consuming meals but also socialising. When deciding how to furnish it, it's worth taking a closer look at the lifestyle of the household members. The kitchen arrangement is only as good as it is functional, comfortable and unique. A wall mural is a perfect way to decorate the space, add a sense of cosiness and create an inviting atmosphere.

In kitchens, a wall mural is an excellent alternative to classic tiles. Due to humidity, high temperatures and grease that gradually collects on walls - when deciding on a wall mural, it is of high essence to pay attention to the material. Choosing an ordinary paper may prove impractical and may get damaged quickly. The best solution is to select a non-woven wall mural developed in such a way as to be resilient from mechanical damage and moisture-inflicted wrinkles and creases.

The motif itself should also be chosen attentively. A wall mural will be the focal point of a room and will definitely draw the attention of family members and guests. Thus, it is best to match it to the overall style of the interior. One of the most favoured styles in kitchens is the Provencal style, usually ornamented with wall murals with landscapes typical of this region of France. In more traditional kitchens, wall murals with culinary motifs and colours corresponding to the rest of the arrangement will always be an excellent pick.

what wall mural to choose

How to style your hallway with a wall mural?

The living room is believed to be the centrepiece of every home and flat. It is hard not to agree with this, especially considering its central function in any home. However, from the visitors' point of view, an equally memorable room is the hallway - it is the room where we greet and farewell our guests. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to aesthetically furnish your hallway.

Hallways are usually relatively small and low-light areas. Styling a hallway with a trendy, well-matched wall mural will allow you to brighten and optically enlarge the space. To achieve that choose a striped wallpaper - vertical stripes will visually elongate the wall, while horizontal will broaden it.. For a small room try these wall murals for hallway in dark shades. Such a solution will make the hallway seem more narrow, causing the room it leads to appear much more spacious. A pass-through space can also be ideal for design experiments - don't be afraid to go for slightly more daring colours and bold motifs. However, remember to stay consistent - arrange the space following the main interior style in your home.

what wall mural to choose

A wall mural is a perfect accessory if you look to refresh the interior and give it a unique character. A wide selection of motifs and an easy application onto the wall are why these decorations are increasingly popular in all kinds of homes - from small studios to spacious detached houses. High-quality workmanship makes them pleasing to the eye, and the resilient fabric makes them durable and safe from external factors.

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