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The most common mistakes made when arranging small interiors. How to arrange a tiny room?

Are you about to arrange your flat? Are you wondering how to arrange a small space? Small interiors are a real challenge. Find out how to arrange a small room and what are the things you should stay away from.

A small room and problems with its arrangement

Contrary to their size, small rooms are not a small problem. In a small space, you should not only fit all the necessary furniture and accessories, but also make it functional and cosy. To properly arrange small rooms, you need both know how, skills and intuition. It is very easy to overwhelm and overload the interior. Before we tell you how to decorate a very small room, we will present the five most common mistakes.

arranging small interiors

5 design mistakes in small rooms

    1. Heavy extras
      One of the most common arrangement mistakes in small rooms is decorating it with too heavy looking accessories. The point is not to give them up completely, but to choose them appropriately for our home space. Therefore, it is better to avoid heavy curtains made of thick fabrics in small interiors. As well as too many pillows in ornament rich pillowcases or paintings in thick frames.
    2. The choice of colours
      Another mistake is the wrong colour matching. Small rooms need optical enlargement and illumination. Therefore, it is best to choose bright and neutral colours for them. They will be a perfect background for slightly more colourful accessories. It is also a good idea to choose one colour and combine its shades.
    3. Bad lighting
      Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of the interior. Properly placed light sources can visually enlarge the room and give it a unique character. There should be at least three light sources in a small room - an overhead light, a small lamp on a table or desk, and a floor lamp. The cold colour of light and massive chandeliers are not too fortunate choices.
    4. Improperly hung accessories on the walls
      Small rooms require extremely thoughtful and precise concepts, and it should be remembered when deciding to supplement the space with paintings or posters. They should always be at eye level - if hung too high or low, they disturb the proportions and make your space optically smaller. Small interiors also do not like numerous paintings in one place. In this matter, it is worth focusing on absolute minimalism. An example of a poster that will fit perfectly in a small interior can be Poster Female Form.
    5. Inappropriate furniture arrangement
      Contrary to what you might think, small interiors do not like furniture pushed against the walls. This is a very common mistake that makes a room uninteresting and impractical. Moving the furniture just a little big away from walls will not only make the space more spacious, but also make it possible to separate zones - it is extremely important, for example, in studio flats. When arranging a small room, furniture should not be from the same collection.
arranging small interiors

How to arrange a small room in a block of flats?

When arranging a small flat, it is worth bearing in mind the errors mentioned above and try to avoid them. What is currently in vogue and our personal preferences will not always look advantageous in a small space. You should look for solutions that will emphasize the advantages of the interior and hide its shortcomings. So how to arrange a small room to visually enlarge it and illuminate it?


Small rooms love bright colours! Properly selected colours can optically enlarge and illuminate the space, which is particularly important in the case of small interiors. White is the best solution, which can be used primarily on walls, as well as in accessories - pillows, vases or curtains. In order for the space not to look too harsh and austere, it is best to enhance it with pastels or introduce a slightly more intense colour as an accent. Beige, grey and blue will also work well in a small room in a block of flats. There can also be 3D wallpapers on the wall, such as Tunnel and objects that will distort perspective, making the room appear larger.


When choosing furniture for a small room, it is worth choosing only those that are really necessary. They should be spacious, preferably compact - one piece that will fulfil several functions in the interior. It is therefore worth choosing, for example, a fold-out sofa, which will become an element of the living room during the day, and turn into a bed at night. Folding tables, pull-out table tops or beds combined with a desk or cabinets will also work well.


No interior can look fine without decor details. In the case of small rooms, however, they need to be selected more carefully. A mirror is a must-have in a small room. To visually enlarge the space, place it well or hang it so that the window is reflected in it. A small space will not only be larger, but also more illuminated. It's also a good idea to decorate its walls with minimalist posters in delicate, thin frames.

How to decorate a very tiny room for a child?

When arranging a tiny room for a child, you should also remember about bright colours and functional furniture. A bunk bed combined with a desk is the solution you are looking for in this type of space. Furniture in a children's room should be spacious, so it might be a good idea to attention to products that have additional storage space. Lighting is essential in a tiny room. Bet on many light sources, which will not only make the room optically larger, but also become much more cosy and friendly.

How to arrange a small guest room?

A key to successful arrangement in the case of a small guest room is to create a focal point that will attract all the attention. It is a base point of the interior - it gives character to the whole room. It can be:

  • a carpet with an interesting pattern,
  • an original wallpaper on the wall,
  • an unusual sofa in a unique colour.

Adequate lighting must be applied here. Ideally, it should come from at least three different sources and have a warm shade. The guest room will become lighter when a delicate curtain is placed in the window instead of heavy curtains.

How to arrange a small narrow room?

For a narrow room, the rules for choosing colours are slightly different. In order to eliminate the impression of a "long tunnel", paint one of the walls - the farthest one - in a darker colour. Leave the rest of the walls in lighter colours. This simple trick will visually bring the dark wall closer and make the room seem more proportional. When arranging furniture, it is better to place it against shorter walls. On the long wall, however, there should be a mirror that will make the space seem larger.

A small room is a space that requires a lot of care and proper layout. Thanks to these few simple tricks, you will be able to turn into a truly functional and cosy interior. If you do not know exactly how to go about it, you can always talk to an interior decorator who will certainly choose practical and effective solutions.

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