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What wallpaper to choose for one wall?

These days, when decorating the interior, it is becoming rather popular not to wallpaper all the walls in favour of covering only one selected wall in the room. This solution has many advantages, both aesthetic and practical. Wallpaper on one wall allows you to introduce a bold, original decorative motif to the room, which will certainly bring the effect of surprise and revival. Such large-format wall decoration will change the space it resides in and attract attention. Unlike the room that is completely wallpapered,a single patterned wass will cease to be just a background for the interior, and will be a brand new feature in your decor. Wallpaper in the living room on one wall will definitely work in small interiors. Properly selected decorations will allow you to visually enlarge the space. However, the list of advantages does not end here. Wallpaper on one wall will meet your expectations also when you are looking for a way to separate variosu functional zones in a given room.

wallpaper on one wall

Wallpaper in the living room on one wall: inspiration

The living room is a great place to show a glam wallpaper that will not only make your home life more elegant, but will also enchant your guests. A properly selected theme will emphasize the unique character of the most representative room in your home. In addition, wallpaper in the living room on one wall can become an interesting background for a dresser or stylish sofa.
What wallpaper themes will work in the living room? Plant and flower motifs will definitely be a good choice. In case of a romantic Provencal salon, you can bet on wallpapers with delicate, small flowers, while in the interiors of modern glamor, substantial, spreading bunches will work. Or maybe you dream of a salon with a hint of exoticism that will make you dream about long journeys? In this case, use wallpaper with tropical motifs - for example, jungle leaves or palm leaves, which will bring energy to a monotonous room. Wallpaper in the living room on one wall is also a way to use an interesting geometric motif, perfectly emphasizing the modern character of the interior. Currently, wallpapers in circles, triangles or rhombuses usually become elements of minimalist arrangements with a pinch of Scandinavian climate.
Properly selected wallpaper on one wall can be a way to change the optical perception of the living room. The decoration in vertical stripes, maintained in delicate colors will make your living room look higher than it really is. You can also use large geometric patterns to visually enlarge the interior.

wallpaper on one wall

Wallpaper in the living room on one wall with a TV

Original wallpaper will also help you if you wish to decorate the wall with a TV. The wall with the TV is usually the focal point of the living room.Now, in order to make it smart, there are several rules to remember. First of all, the arrangement should not be too tiring for the eyes: colorful, geometric patterns and intense, strong colors can make watching TV difficult. A good idea for wallpaper in the living room on one wall with a TV would be a decoration with a subtle pattern and delicate color - these can be delicate stripes or a floral motif. The choice is yours. Definitely original, and at the same time cozy arrangement will also be provided by currently fashionable wallpapers imitating natural materials - such as brick or concrete. This solution is much more affordable than real concrete or brick.

wallpaper on one wall

Wallpaper on one wall in the bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom decor, it is worth considering decorating the wall behind the bed with wallpaper. The combination of the original, large-format wall decoration with a painted wall will provide an interesting decorative effect. The bedroom as a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, it will be a good place to use themes that are associated with carefree holidays and allow you to break away from everyday life. Remember not to overdo it with contrasts and strong design - especially if your room is small, it is worth focusing on a minimalist decoration.
What theme will work best on wallpaper on one wall in the bedroom? Certainly decorations inspired by nature are in order here. An interesting idea will be a wallpaperwith flowers or twisting tree branches. If you value classic interior designs, it's worth reaching for floral motifs in the English style. People who like to rest in the bosom of nature should also like wallpapers imitating wood, which can become a great background for a large bed. Imitation wood is an interesting idea for arranging a cozy family bedroom. Decoration with geometric motifs will also work as wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom. Let your imagination run wild and introduce stripes, dots or symmetrical patterns inside. Regardless of your preferences, wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom is a solution that allows you to completely change even the most boring and bland interior.

Wallpaper on one wall is something definately worth thinking about when decorating your interiors. In this article we present the advantages of this type of arrangement. You'll also learn which decorative motif will work in the living room and bedroom.

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