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"Interior design trends in 2022 will not be an extraordinary turnaround and will largely be a continuation of the last year. We will still put cosiness, comfort and functionality at the top of our home needs. Therefore, the leading trend in many interiors will be warm, uncluttered minimalism. Also, our fascination with nature and ecology will continue to grow, and handcrafted products, recycled materials and glimpses of vintage will stay in our homes for good. Sounds like the ghost of the Christmas past? Nothing like it! 2022 interior design statement will not lack brand-new solutions that will add a fresh air to the whole.

In 2022, some of us will create bold and contrasting interiors. On one hand, we will strive for simplicity and worship nature, on the other: we will focus on unconventional approach to shapes and colours."

So what styles will lead the way in 2022?


For years, it has been coexisting with other trends on the TOP list, being more or less popular, but in 2022 it will again experience its moment of glory. Bright, spacious interiors with only the most necessary furniture are the clue of this trend. The key to creating a fashionable arrangement is to eliminate unnecessary equipment and leave only the ones that best fulfil their function in the interior. This season, however, we will notice changes in the colour palette of the trend - we will reject the cool colours that have so far been associated with minimalism and replace them with neutral, warm earth colours, which we will associate with cosiness and comfort. We will provide furniture and accessories with rounded shapes and unusual forms to soften the raw undertone of the trend and introduce the atmosphere of a warm, home oasis.


Love for nature and taking full advantage of being close to it have been with us for a long time now. Interior design trends adapt to the growing need for closeness to nature and put our well-being, health and satisfaction in the centre. After all, in natural interiors the level of stress is lowered, productivity and creativity are improved, we gain distance, rest and regenerate our strength. Isn't this all we require in the era of remote work? We perceive a certain truth, or sincerity of the message in nature, and we want to transfer it also to the interior. Therefore, in 2022, we will show in our apartments:

  • Large windows - as a source of natural light;
  • A large number of plants - both in the form of green walls, and plant motifs on wallpapers, fabrics, tiles, etc.;
  • Natural materials;
  • Colours of nature.



Oh, how we missed intense colours! We see them everywhere. They reign on catwalks, exhibitions and fairs - and definitely won our hearts. We need an energy boost! We require contrasts! We want to plunge into shades that evoke positive emotions in us and remind us of the beauty of nature. So we will boldly reach for sunny yellow, orange, violet reminiscent of lilac, lavender or blueberries and, of course, the most important colour - the queen of green. The latter will present us with its full palette, although we prefer the shades of dignified emerald and - in contrast - mild olive or refreshing mint.


Fans of classics and delicate arrangement minimalism will also not be disappointed. The year 2022 is a year of contrasts - also in terms of colours. We will observe dopamine houses as well as interiors decorated in soft earth tones, i.e. beige, clay gray, brown, caramel and ochre - and they will become the colours of modern minimalism.


Bamboo is back! It is durable, light and eco-friendly. And being eco is what we are all about! Rattan chairs, armchairs, things made of linen, wood, plywood, jute - that is, everything that is natural - definitely YES!


Peace and comfort - that's what we want in the interiors! Natural materials and warm colours are not the only option to obtain them. The pillar of our interiors in 2022 will largely be gentleness and delicacy - expressed in friendly geometric furniture with relaxed forms, streamlined architectural shapes or accessories. Ovals, circles, such popular arches or spherical silhouettes tell a story of gentleness and encourage you to rest.

IN THE SPIRIT OF JAPANDI - the soothing power of harmony

Japandi, as a trend strongly referring to minimalism, cannot go out of fashion this year. Born from the combination of the best in Japanese and Scandinavian design, it has become the epitome of careful selection, harmony and overwhelming peace. At Japandi, function is intertwined with comfort, cosiness and natural materials. Simplicity becomes a luxury here, and each element of the decor is carefully thought out. In Japandi, we will combine various shapes and forms to obtain the most interesting, but still simple composition. Here, colours do not shout, they whisper, and everything encourages you to calm down, rest and celebrate life in peace.

The 1980s - design with a grain of salt

The rebellious aesthetics of the 1980s, created at the time by the Memphis Group, may be a good antidote to the mid-century style popular in previous seasons. It's a fearless mishmash of styles - definitely not for sensitive people 😉 In this trend, we are bold, bright and controversial in terms of colours, we play with geometric, funny forms, refer (ironically) to Art Deco, we go for plastic or terrazzo, and combine both. One critic of the time commented on the style as "Bauhaus and Fisher-Price's marriage." There is something about it. Sottass, the founder of the Memphis Group, used to say aloud: “When I was young, all we ever heard about was functionalism, functionalism, functionalism - but that's not all we need in life. Design should also be exciting”!


Vintage - although the 1980s will find many fans this year, there is no indication that the more subdued design from previous decades will be forgotten. We are observing a large increase in interest in antiques, especially among young people. This year, we will be exhibiting elements taken from the boho style and the design of the 70s, furniture from the communist era or mid-century modern, naturally old decorations and family souvenirs. Respect for the past, eco awareness, the spirit of less waste and the ability to reuse items are equally hot design trends in 2022.

Art Deco

The Art Deco style carefully waited for its turn in 2021 to burst into our interiors in 2022. It is very expressive and colourful. Apartments in this style should be decorated with trinkets, mirrors and original forms. This year, the interiors decorated in this aesthetic will be full of splendour, powerful colours, metallic decorations and fun design. Despite this crazy expressiveness, there will be a certain elegance in them. Art Deco wall murals will be very popular - with geometric, often metallic patterns and intense shades, which will create an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance and artistic atmosphere and will take us back to Paris at the beginning of the last century.

Interior inspiration for 2022 comes to us from two sources as you can see.

On one hand, we feel an irresistible urge to follow nature and natural needs. The growing popularity of green and earth colours, natural fabrics and the increasingly hot trend of eco are part our fascination of becoming one with Nature. We show a strong desire to return to nature, because it calms us down, in her embrace we gain distance, rest and regenerate our strength.

We will finally make room for our needs in our interiors. We will clear the place of unnecessary equipment, decorations and everything that does not give us joy. Furthermore, we will organize our space in the spirit of minimalism where staying is a pleasure and does not disturb our inner peace.

On the other hand, we need an injection of energy and a bit of madness. Therefore, in 2022 we will be happy to draw on the design of the past decades - especially those bolder in form and colours.

Let's get ready for a year full of exciting interior contrasts!


Joanna Bała

Interior designer, expert bimago