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What colours go with a grey sofa?

For many years, we have been happy to use grey as a setting for our interiors. Its neutrality and timelessness make it a perfect fit with various decorative trends. We particularly often choose grey as the colour of the sofa, which is the focal point of most living rooms. It is the sofa that defines the atmosphere of the entire room, so it is worth considering what colours go with a grey sofa to create a cohesive and eye-catching composition.

What colours go with a grey sofa

What colours go with a grey sofa?

Grey is neutral and complementary to any other colour, which means in practise that it will fit in with any interior design. This is why the grey sofa offers so many decorative possibilities! We can match it with both muted and vibrant colours.

In the most popular interior trends, grey is mainly combined with:

  • white,
  • shades of green,
  • yellow and mustard,
  • pastel pink,
  • and blue (from light to dark blue tones).

So you are free to experiment, it all depends on your taste and the atmosphere you want to create in the room. For example, grey and white is an idea for a minimalist interior; warm shades of grey and mustard create cosy vintage-style interiors; and grey with green makes a perfect choice for a Scandinavian-style room.

What colours go with a grey sofa

What colour walls go with grey sofa?

The choice of wall colour for a grey sofa depends not only on the effect we want to achieve but also on the spatial possibilities. In many contemporary flat designs, the living room is combined with the kitchenette, and the rooms are small, so we choose light neutral colours for the walls and the main furniture. The classic choice is white furniture and a light grey sofa. But what do you add to a light grey sofa to liven up the space? A good idea is to opt for white throughout the room and choose one of the walls to paint in... a dark grey tone! This will bring dynamism to a small space while maintaining the necessary chromatic coherence.

And if we want to bring more colourful energy into the interior, what wall colour for the grey sofa will guarantee decorative success? Go for vibrant tones on the wall behind the sofa! Walls in a shade of dark green, deep blue, juicy red, or warm terracotta will create an interesting contrast to the grey sofa, especially if the furniture has a cold and light shade. In our shop, you will find many inspiring wall decorations to help you create such an interesting composition. Instead of painting, you can also opt for a colourful wall mural! Exotic wall murals in beautiful, saturated greens are the perfect backdrop for a grey sofa! They combine the popular trend of grey-green home settings with the latest organic and tropical trends.

Match the canvas print to the grey sofa!

What colour cushions go with grey sofa?

Grey sofas go perfectly with cushions in muted colours. As neutral tones work particularly well together and neutral colour combinations are currently a fashionable trend, choose from a wide range of beige tones, from the softest to those falling into brown. Mix different textures of natural fabrics (wool, linen, velour, etc.), and your living room will gain depth and a cosy atmosphere. And what colour cushions go with grey sofa if the setting is to be two-tone? Our number one choice is the duo of grey and mustard, which will not only be warm but also striking and modern. Mustard and yellow cushions will go well with abstract paintings in yellows and greys or, more traditionally, with still life depicting sunflowers.

In the living room textiles category, you will find patterned cushions in soft colours and trendy prints: floral, geometric, leaves, or ornaments. Printed cushions are sure to liven up a neutral-coloured sofa, if that's your decorating intention!

What colours go with a grey sofa

What colour curtains go with grey sofa?

If you already have a grey sofa in your living room, what accessories, apart from cushions, can you match with this most important piece of furniture? It could be canvas prints over the sofa, a rug, lampshades, blankets or decorative accessories that you place on the living room table. To choose your colours well, follow the 60-30-10 rule, i.e., choose a light, predominant colour as the setting for 60% of the room (mainly for the walls and ceiling), use grey in 30% (large furniture and floor), and decorate 10% of the space with a bolder colour that you limit to accessories.

If you want to reduce the number of colourful trinkets, introduce a strong colour only with textile accessories, such as curtains. What colour curtains for a grey sofa will help you liven up your living room? Although we traditionally choose white or beige curtains, you can also opt for sage gree, which we recently wrote about on the bimago website when we launched our spring collection. The delicate sage green will work wonderfully as a window decoration, especially if your living room is dominated by grey.

What colours go with a grey sofa

Grey sofa - accessories

We have already discussed the colour of the walls, curtains and cushions for the grey sofa, and other decorative accessories. But in a typical living room setting, armchairs stand out alongside the sofa. Which armchair colour for the grey sofa do we recommend? It all depends on the decorative style chosen, although it is a universal truth that the colour of the armchair can be decidedly bolder than the neutral colour reserved for the sofa. So let's see an example and describe the case of a romantic-style living room.

As you know, a feminine and chic living room has often a grey sofa and accessories in pastel pink. The pink armchair goes well with the grey! If you would like to modify this trend slightly, go for coral or salmon-coloured accessories, such as:

  • armchair upholstery,
  • lampshades,
  • carpets,
  • decorative cushions,
  • posters and canvas,
  • blankets and rugs.

Continuing with the same example, what colour chairs should we choose for a grey sofa if we are decorating a romantic living room combined with a dining room? Here, the correct answers are two: let's opt for either white or graphite chairs, which, depending on what you want, will brighten up the room or add a sophisticated touch and dynamism.

Match the poster to the grey sofa!

To sum up, what colours go well with a grey sofa? The answer that springs to mind is - all of them! The colour combinations depend on the effect you want to achieve in the interior and your favourite decorating style. If you want to create a contrasting blend, use the grey of the sofa as a background colour, and go wild with accessories! Textiles, canvas prints, posters, and other decorative accessories from bimago will help you make the difference!

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