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Arrangements with bottle green - wallpapers, wall murals, curtains and other decorations

The fashion for an emerald shade of green, also called bottle green, is a frequently recurring trend in interior decoration. This intense colour can transform the space, adding depth and uniqueness to it. It looks especially impressive when used on large surfaces. That's why today we will focus primarily on large-format wall accessories. For example, a good foundation for an expressive decoration will be bottle green wallpaper, wall mural or curtains in this colour. If you are looking for ideas for arrangements with bottle greenery, be sure to read our article.

Arrangements with bottle green

Bottle green wallpaper

Thanks to the variety of prints, bottle green wallpaper can be the focal point of various styles - from classic to modern. If you are interested in arrangements with vintage elements, dark green wallpaper contrasts beautifully with antiques and accessories from old eras.

Also in the Mid-century Modern aesthetic, stylized in the design of the mid-20th century, bottle green wallpaper with an abstract pattern will perfectly match natural wood and retro furniture. Plain bottle green wallpaper will also be suitable for various arrangements. It will be a perfect, elegant background for classic works of art and antique bookcases, but also a great, strong colour accent for minimalist or Scandinavian interiors.

When it comes to decoration with a typically modern character, the popularity of urban jungle, exotic and return-to-nature styles continues unabated. That is why wallpapers and wall murals with dark green patterns of trees and leaves are the undisputed interior design hit of recent years.

Choose a bottle green poster

Green and gold bottle wallpaper - interesting patterns

When looking for inspiration under the slogan "bottle green wallpaper patterns", you can notice that the emerald colour dominates both minimalist and richly decorated wallpaper designs. The most popular suggestions for prints on dark green wallpapers are, of course, botanical patterns, and that's no wonder, because this juicy and deep shade of green is the colour of tropical forests. Therefore, a natural idea for a dark green decoration are exotic wall murals with palm, jungle and forest motifs.

However, dark green wallpaper is also often paired with gold accessories. The green and gold bottle wallpaper is perfect for lovers of glamorous decorations. In this luxurious aesthetic, you can use bold wallpaper with an animal motif, e.g. gilded peacock feathers. A dark green wall mural imitating marble with gold veins or glamour wall murals with the addition of gold.

Arrangements with bottle green

Green bottle wall mural - arrangements in the living room and dining room

If you are the lucky owner of a separate dining room or a large living room with a dining room, consider introducing a classic style to your space. One of the features of such decor is the use of coffers on the ceilings and decorative strips on the walls, although their imitation in the form of a wall mural can look equally impressive. The bottle green wall mural with imitation of stucco will allow you to introduce an atmosphere of classic elegance and timeless style into your apartment.

Another idea for walls in a classic dining room is to combine real stucco with wallpaper. There are two main ways to implement such an idea.

  • The first involves installing wallpaper in convex frames made of stucco strips.
  • The second option is to run the stucco strip halfway up the wall and install the wallpaper above the strip, up to the ceiling.

In both variants, wallpapers with a small plant motif in a deep, dark green colour will look beautiful. Let's choose bottle green chairs for such a dining room - you can combine this type of wall arrangements with white and gold accessories in the tableware.

Choose a bottle green wall mural

Dark green wallpaper and bottle green bed - bedroom arrangement

The bedroom is a place of rest, so it is worth decorating it in green - bottle green helps build peace. We can easily imagine a bedroom with an elegant, minimalist aesthetic, where the bottle green bed is the focal point that attracts attention. In addition, the wall behind the bed is covered with uniform, matte wallpaper in the same colour, which allows you to create a coherent and elegant look. The rest of the interior is kept in neutral colours of gray or white.

But we also have other ideas for a bottle green bed: arrangements in ethnic, glamorous, botanical or vintage style. It is worth mentioning that the complementary colour to bottle green is burgundy. Therefore, a very sophisticated (although a bit dark) composition will be obtained if we use mahogany burgundy or purple to complement a dark green bedroom.

Arrangements with bottle green

Bottle green living room arrangements - accessories in fashionable colours

Bottle green living room arrangements suit a variety of tastes, but they will appeal most to lovers of splendor and elegant decorative styles. One of them is undoubtedly art deco. Bottle green wallpaper with gold and geometric patterns will be the perfect addition to a living room in the style of the Art Deco era. In this aesthetic, dark green wallpapers are usually decorated with arches, rhombuses and symmetrical geometric patterns that add a luxurious character to the space, creating rich and dramatic visuals. Dark green sofa, with velvet upholstery, wallpaper art deco, unique mirrors and wall lamps will perfectly fit into this sophisticated atmosphere. Gold-coloured accessories, noble fabrics and vintage accents will complement the luxurious look of the living room. You can choose reproductions of Tamara Łempicka's paintings on the walls - "Self-portrait in a green bugatti" or "Woman in a green dress" will perfectly match the bottle greenery.

Arrangements with bottle green

Choose bottle green pillows

Bottle green curtains in the living room arrangements

When looking through the issues of interior design magazines from the last few years, it is hard not to pay attention to living rooms that seem to take us straight to the heart of the tropical jungle. In the central place of such a living room, on the wall behind the sofa or opposite the window, there is usually a bottle green wall mural with a botanical motif. Such scenery makes even city apartments gain a refreshing breath of nature. To add another dimension to this green arrangement, use bottle green curtains with a monstera or palm leaf motif. Such curtains, especially when made of velvet or other richly textured material, complement the vibrant atmosphere of the interior. Just don't forget about real potted plants!

Choose bottle green curtains

Chairs and other accessories - bottle green room arrangement

Certain accessories can exceptionally highlight the charm of bottle green. Based on current interior design trends, we have selected five accessories that perfectly match this wallpaper colour:

  • Golden or copper mirrors and picture frames: metallic accents create an elegant combination with bottle green, adding a luxurious character to the space.
  • Raw wood elements: organic accessories add a natural accent to the interior.
  • Wool blankets in neutral colours: a beige, gray or white blanket adds coziness to the interior and contrasts perfectly with dark green.
  • Velour poufs and pillows: velvet accessories in bottle green or contrasting colours add depth to the interior. Here bimago we already have a new collection of velor pillows that will complement your green arrangements.
  • Potted plants: nothing complements bottled greenery better than real plants. They add freshness and create harmonious combinations with botanical prints. Remember that it is important to maintain balance - too many accessories can overwhelm the space, especially if the bottle green wall mural has an intense pattern. It is also a good idea to decide what effect we want to achieve - peace and relaxation, or perhaps refined luxury - and choose accessories according to this choice.

As we tried to show, bottle green wallpaper will add elegance to interiors with various designs: vintage, retro, glamorous, art deco or minimalist. It all depends on the print that decorates it and the accessories we choose to decorate the room. One thing is certain, bottle green wallpaper is always a beautiful and deep colour accent that introduces an element of nature into the interior, creates an atmosphere of peace and delights with its originality.

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