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The colour of the year 2024 has been selected! Check what colour will warm up our interiors

Viva magenta, Very Peri, Classic Blue, Living Coral... each year the Pantone Institute announces the colour that will accompany us for the next twelve months. This time, our interiors will be filled with softness, subtlety and velvet - the peach colour of Peach Fuzz will wrap us in its warmth and help us find inner peace.

kolor Peach Fuzz

Pantone Institute and Color of the Year

The Pantone Institute is considered an authority in the field of colours. This American company has been providing advisory services in the selection of colours and their use in creating visual identification systems since 1963. It is known primarily for the Pantone Matching System colour scale and the annual Pantone Color of The Year. Pantone Color Institute experts constantly analyze social, cultural and political trends and observe changes in fashion, art and design. All these activities are aimed at predicting colour trends that will inspire designers and introduce positive changes to our everyday lives. Choosing the Color of the Year is an event that everyone involved in the creative industry is eagerly awaiting. After its announcement, the winning colour is used in various areas - we can find it, among others, in the fashion and interior design industries, and even in everyday objects.

kolor Peach Fuzz

Juicy peach, the colour of the year 2024 according to Pantone

Delicate, subtle and full of warmth - the peach colour of Peach Fuzz will enrich your mind, soul and heart. This cozy colour brings a positive feeling of kindness and tenderness, awakens our senses and soothes us with its presence. Set between pink and orange, Peach Fuzz will provide us with a sense of security and will help you find inner peace. This velvety shade of juicy peach literally means peach fuzz. According to Pantone experts, the colour of the year 2024 is a peach with depth, full of discreet lightness and bringing beauty to the digital world. A romantic and poetic peach colour with an atmosphere vintage is intended to depict the past while being set in a new, contemporary setting. Moreover, Peach Fuzz is intended to reflect our desire for a sense of closeness and emphasize the need for care, cooperation and sharing.

Peach Fuzz is the colour of the year 2024

As specialists from the Pantone team explain, the choice of Peach Fuzz as the colour of the year 2024 was not accidental. They draw attention to the increasing need for care, empathy and compassion nowadays. Nowadays, it is important for us to have good health, but also the stamina and strength to be able to enjoy it fully. In a world that emphasizes productivity, not only our external achievements are important, but also our internal needs. Because of them, we re-prioritize what is most important to us. We take care not only of our physical health, but also of what is hidden in our mind. We appreciate the time spent with our loved ones as well as moments for ourselves.

The peach colour of Peach Fuzz is intended to reflect our desire to be close to the people we love, as well as express the joy of moments of solitude and being who we are. It is supposed to wrap us in its friendly touch, carrying a message of compassion and empathy.

kolor Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz in your interior

Juicy Peach Fuzz is a colour that will suit most rooms. This delicately orange and energizing colour will bring a friendly and warm atmosphere to your interior. It will work perfectly with cool colours - cobalt, navy blue and shades of light blue, as well as warm colours - red, yellow or orange. It will also look good among gray and warm shades of beige. In addition, it will perfectly break the pastel colours, making it ideal for a children's room and a good addition to delicate feminine arrangements.

Peach Fuzz will enliven a bright and subdued interior and illuminate dark rooms. This sweet peach shade will bring positive emotions to your home and help you create a harmonious space to relax and spend time with yourself or your loved ones. Be sure to check out our Pantone 2024 collection in Peach Fuzz and move to a land full of sun.

kolor Peach Fuzz

Peach accessories - what to combine with Pantone 2024?

Peach Fuzz will add coziness to your interior, both as the main design element and as an addition. Not only the peach colours of the walls and wallpapers, but also decorative pillows, paintings and posters will create a warm atmosphere. Peach accessories will warm up and add character to rooms with neutral colours: white, beige and gray. Decorative pillowcases in the Peach Fuzz colour will add a minimalist and modern atmosphere to interiors full of green and navy blue.

The addition of peach colour to pastel rooms will have a soothing and calming effect and encourage relaxation. Pictures and posters in this rich colour will brighten up sad walls and liven up your bedroom or kitchen , or a bathroom. It is also a good practice to combine it with rounded and soft shapes that will emphasize the subtlety of the Peach Fuzz colour. It is also worth remembering that the fluffiness and delicacy of the skin of a juicy peach can also be reflected through the structure of the decoration. Peach Fuzz, which encourages us to touch, is perfect for soft, velvet, suede, quilted and fur textures.

kolor Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz, the colour of the year 2024 chosen by the Pantone Institute, carries not only a message of kindness and empathy, but also the need for closeness, warmth and security. This subtle colour perfectly reflects the values that are most important to us in today's busy world. Adding the Peach Fuzz colour to your interior will therefore be an excellent choice not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from an emotional and social point of view. If you want it to appear in your home, be sure to visit bimago and check out our offer.

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