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Decorative wall in the interiors - how to get the effect?

The decorative wall is one of the most interesting elements of the interior. It can radically change the arrangement of a room and emphasize its atmosphere. Find out how to quickly and easily create a textured effect on your walls.

Decorative wall in interiors

Decorative wall in the living room - a way to refresh the interior!

A decorative wall in the living room or any another room for that matter is a great idea for finishing the interior. A decorative wall can form a coherent whole with the arrangement and complement it, but it can also become the main element of a room. It all depends on what structural effect you choose. Solutions available on the market will certainly allow the structural wall to emphasize rooms in almost any style.

Decorative wall in interiors

Structure on the wall - plaster or wallpaper?

There are several ways to create a wall structure.

  • Decorative plaster
    One of the most obvious, but much more labor-intensive, methods is the use of textured plaster. It is a special mass which, when properly applied to the wall surface, enables the creation of unique patterns and textures. Structural plaster is available on the market in various versions, which creates many possibilities of decorating the wall. The advantage of this type of solution, apart from the remarkable effect on the wall, is universalism. It will work well in both classic and more modern interiors.
  • Wallpaper on the decorative wall
    Another solution is the use of structural wallpaper, i.e. one that resembles real wood, brick or concrete. It is a faster solution that does not require large amounts of work, and the effect obtained is almost identical to that of plaster. Wallpaper has a chance to become a unique decoration, provided that it is properly placed.
  • Structural paints
    The last way to create a structural wall in the interior is to paint the decorative wall in a certain way. Thanks to that, you can get an interesting effect, such as the effect of sawn plaster, concrete or sand. The paint is easy to apply and is usually single-layer.

Choose a texture effect wall mural for your interior

How to paint textured walls?

Decorative plaster is a permanent solution that is difficult to remove in a quick way. If you want to change the colour or completely rearrange the interior, it will be necessary to perform a few necessary steps that will allow you to safely change and refresh its appearance. When deciding to use textured plaster, you should also take into account that over time, dust and other impurities may accumulate on the rough structure. Cleaning it may turn out to be quite tedious work, so it is better to refresh the entire surface then. The first step is to vacuum the wall as thoroughly and carefully as possible so as not to breach the wall. The next step is to paint the wall with a special primer to increase adhesion. Then the wall should be primed with a satin primer and then painted with a topcoat. It is important that the product has a high hiding power so that it covers the previous colour of the plaster without any problems.

Decorative wall in interiors

Wallpaper or wall mural with a structural motif

Vast arrangement possibilities are ensured by a wide range of wallpapers and wall murals available on the market. You can, therefore, quickly and easily refresh your interior and bring it into exactly the atmosphere you like the most. Structural wallpapers are characterized by high quality - they are durable and resistant to moisture and light. They are perfect for any room, emphasizing both the traditional and modern character of the arrangement.

  • Wallpaper marble - an imitation of a stone will perfectly emphasize the elegance of a room. Currently, it is one of the arrangement trends, which will be perfect, above all, in combination with deep black, bottle-green and safe gray. If you want your living room to become more cosy, you must combine marble wallpaper with wood. People who do not like classic and proven solutions will surely love wallpapers imitating marble in black, blue, pink and even yellow.
  • Wallpaper imitating concrete - it will be perfect for modern interiors decorated in a minimalist, industrial, loft and even Scandinavian style. It will fit perfectly in both the living room and the hall. It will introduce a hint of austerity to the room, which, in combination with original accessories, will allow you to create an exceptionally original effect.
  • Brick mural - perfect for people who want to introduce a unique atmosphere of an old mansion to their space. Wall murals imitating white brick will emphasize the atmosphere in Provencal and Tuscan-style interiors. These wallpapers are deceptively reminiscent of both the real colour and texture of brick, which allows for a natural effect. Wallpaper imitating red brick is a real hit for people who dream of the industrial atmosphere of an old factory.
  • Quilted mural- this is an offer for truly elegant and sophisticated arrangements. Quilted photo wallpapers are undoubtedly unconventional, unique and quite bold decorations that will emphasize the glamour style, introducing style and elegance to the interior. A wide range of colours will allow you to match a quilted photo wallpaper to almost any interior!
Decorative wall in interiors

Decorative wall is a unique feature in any interior. Its arrangement does not necessarily have to be associated with a general renovation. A wide selection of wallpapers, wall murals and paints allows for a perfect match to the interior. Refresh your interior quickly, affordably and effectively!

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